These days it is imperative that we use social media to help us build our businesses.

There are several problems with that:

The confusion over which social media we should be on…

Which leads to overwhelm as we spread ourselves thin…

The chance our accounts could get blocked or shut down…

But by far the biggest problem I find with social media is that it is so transient.

I see it like a rapidly flowing river onto which we throw leaves.

As soon as that leaf hits the water it is carried away.

Maybe, if we are lucky, something will go viral…

Until it doesn't anymore…

Which means that we are continuously having to create, create, create…

Which is exhausting.

Now instead of that fast-moving stream, imagine you have a lake. And each and every leaf that you put onto that lake floats around, still visible, still working for you.

Youtube videos, Pinterest posts, Podcast episodes, a website with good SEO.

These are things that work like that.

These platforms, when done well, build a body of work that continues to work for you…

An asset!!!

And you can use those assets to drive traffic where you want.

To a lead magnet, a sales page, your calendar.

But today I want to talk about a different place you could drive people to.


SO what exactly is a Resource Page?

It's a place where you house whatever it is that you want to show people at that particular point of time.

The beautiful thing about that is that if you change your business strategy in the future, you can reflect that on your Resource Page, meaning that all those links you put out in the past are going to show people what you want them to see right now…

And not what you were creating five years ago.

Sure you can use Pretty Links and tools like that to be able to swap out the backend of where you want people to go, but the other advantage of a Resource Page is that you can use it as a money-making hub.

So what do I mean by that?

Well, your resource page can house the tools that you use in your business, with links for people to go and get them, and those links can be affiliate links.

Books you recommend your audiences read…

Programs you advise they do…

Software they they need…

All those sorts of things can be housed on your resource page to HELP YOUR AUDIENCE, and then you also get rewarded for anyone you refer there that decided that tool/book/program is exactly what they need.

Over time, the people going to your resource page is going to build, until one day, it alone will be providing you with a passive income.

Stephen Larson, formally of Clickfunnels, reportedly makes 30,000 – 40,000 A MONTH, just from his resource page!!!

Now I'm not saying that our pages will ever get to that…

But it shows what is possible.

So next time you are wondering where to send people from your Youtube videos, or your Pinterest posts, think about creating a resource page.

If you put it on your website, it's going to have the added benefit of driving traffic to your site, which helps with your google rankings as well!

And while initially the results may be just a trickle, with time that will turn into a generous stream of income.

For an example of what a Resource Page can look like, here's the link to mine:

You don't need to do instructional videos like I have, images will work as well.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about creating your own resource page. (If you need to create a website first – I actually have a one hour tutorial on that page that will show you have to build your own site.)

In Your Corner

Donna Joy