I want you to imagine a pro surfer…


They're out in the ocean in a competition, and they can feel the wave coming. They can feel the water starting to move so they start paddling and then, as the swell catches their board, they spring up.


They get up onto the wave and suddenly they are moving without having to do anything. Instead, it's the momentum of the ocean that is moving them.


And then, just as they are starting to have the success they worked so hard for, they just stop doing anything. They just sit on the board like a sack of potatoes and that wave just picks them up and BAM… it takes them out!


Of course, that’s not what a pro surfer would really do…


Once they get up on that board the real work begins. They have to engage every single muscle to maintain their balance as they go through the tubes, and they're doing all this hard work to stay on the wave.


And that is exactly how we need to be with our minds in our business. We have to put in a continual effort, otherwise we're just going to fall off the board and we're going to get slapped down by the universe. 


Now, how do we do this? How do we stay on top of our mindset? 


I’m going to go over three things you can do to help with it. But first, how do we know that we need to do this? 


Well, you will find telltale signs within yourself that lets you know when your mindset needs work. 


I mean it should be a daily practice, but if you're being a little bit slack, you will start to notice little things like that you're not achieving your daily tasks. Or that you start to have more mind drama going on. Things just seem to get harder, and that is when you're not in control of your mind. 


So how do we stay on top of that mindset? 


Well, there's three things that I want to talk about today to help you do that. 


1. Spend time with your mind. 


I mean, we are all working so hard to create a better life for ourselves and a better future for ourselves, yet, some of us never actually spend any time with ourselves. We're always somewhere else in our heads. 


As Eckhart Tolle  would say, we're either in the past with our memories or the future with our fears, but we're never in the now with ourselves. 


So we need to learn how to spend time with our minds. How to quiet our minds and how to be present. And that's through things like meditation, yoga, just taking a walk in nature. 


Doing something that you find very relaxing and soothing that allows your mind to come down and allows you to be the observer of your mind. It allows you to be, sitting sideways, looking at what your mind is thinking, but not being caught up in the mind drama of what it's thinking. 


2. Spend time on your self-development


Books, podcasts, things that stimulate your mind and make you think, that help you stay present with yourself and with your mind. 


I'm currently reading a mindset book called “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. It's an excellent book so if you haven't read that one, get that one. 


The other thing that I do constantly listen to podcasts when I'm driving. The one that I find very good for mindset is Brooke Castillo's, “The Life Coach School”. I'm sure there are plenty more out there as well, but that's the one I'm listening to at the moment while I'm driving.


Spend time with people who are more successful than yourself


This is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of your mindset. Being with people who are more successful than yourself does a couple of things. 


One, it allows you to see that they're just normal people like yourself. And that in itself allows you to realize that all these fears, and discomfort, and issues that you have, and these blockages that you're putting in front of yourself to prevent yourself from success, are exactly just those things, they're just mind drama.


When you're with someone who has a seven-figure business, it opens up the way for you to do the same thing. 


One of the other very important things that hanging out with people more successful than you, is getting tips from them. Having a mentor is going to save you time and money and get you to where you want to go faster. 


So those are my three tips for you. Spend time with yourself, spend time on your self-development, and spend time with people who are more successful than yourself. 


And most importantly, work out what your telltale sign is that's going to tell you when you need to work on your mindset.


Here’s my embarrassing secret…


My telltale sign is when I start to binge eat. 


I'm not talking about eating the whole fridge out, but I start to snack at night and have something after I have my dinner. That to me is a sure sign, that my mind is in an area of discomfort. And when I'm in discomfort I start to eat. And when I'm not doing my mindset, that's when I get into discomfort.


So look for those little nuances in yourself that you know that that's your telltale sign when you need to work on your mindset and do those three things. Have daily practice written into your schedule, things that you can do to work on your mind. 


The end of the day, if we don't have ourselves, and we don't have our minds, and we don't have our health, what is the point of any of this? 


What is the point of working so hard to get to where we want to be if, when we get there, we don't know who we are, we're not happy just being by ourselves, and we're sick as dogs? 


I hope you're having a wonderful week and I'll see you in the next article.