If you're on this page it means that you are ready to take your business, and your life, to the next level and I am putting my hand up to be the one who helps you get there. You see, I have a set of skill sets that makes me unique as a business mentor. 

Firstly, I have had many business myself - both traditional and online. Secondly, I am a certified digital marketer - so I have the big picture on what needs to be done to make a business grow. Thirdly, I am a COO in a multiple 6-Figure Business, so I am always on the cutting edge of what is working now.  Fourthly, I head up a sales team for an online 7-Figure Earner - so I know exactly what you need to do to close high-ticket clients into your business. And finally, and most importantly, I am an analytical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, and certified magnetic mind coach which means I can GET YOU THROUGH YOUR BLOCKS stopping you from taking aligned action.

The truth about creating an online business is that the KNOWING what to do is not actually the hard part. It's in the actual DOING IT that most people come unstuck.

Oh sure, they will write it off as other things...

I didn't know enough. It wasn't right for me. The competition was too tough. I was swimming in a red ocean. The IOS algorithm change made it not worth it. It has to be perfect before I can begin. No-one will listen to me...

Any of those sound familiar?

The truth is that they are all JUST STORIES. Stories that your unconscious mind is using to keep you in the cave...to keep you safe.

If you are to ever have what it is that you are working so hard to accomplish, then YOU NEED A COACH who will keep you laser-focused on what you need to do, and then help you smash your resistance out of the way whenever it pops up. You need a coach that will get you out of a problem-solving identity and into that of your creative genius. And you need a coach that understands all aspects of creating an online business.


So use the button below to book a time to talk to me about working 1:1 so that this year can be the year that you stop dreaming and start achieving.

Working with Donna has been a journey of facing myself. There were so many challenges that I wasn’t facing to birth my dreams into the world. I started with the belief that things weren’t happening because it wasn’t the right time and that success would come when it was. Now that I look back, I see that was BS and success wasn’t coming because I was afraid of putting myself out there.
It was with Donna’s support, her faith in me, and her challenging me each week to face the hard stuff and not turn away that I feel I was finally able to birth my business into the world, live in my purpose, and truly be of service to the world. It seems like a fairytale to have made such a transformation in our time together, but this is no fairytale. This was hard work, challenges, going deep to the root causes that had me so resistant to creating and running my own company, and so much celebration and healing on the other side of it all.
I highly recommend working with Donna, even if you have no idea what you want to create in the world, she helps you dig deep to what’s stopping your creative power from doing what it wants to do - create. The mix of coaching and therapy is cutting edge! Wow, truly transformational.
Thank you for support on this journey!
 Sarah Naiya D'Antoni