The following is not meant to offend anyone, just to make everyone think.

But I admit – I am about to have a rant.

You see, there are two kinds of people in the world…

The kind that always picks up their dog's poo…

And the kind that only do it when they know someone is looking.

And while this might seem like a funny topic, and not that important…

It's the most important thing of all.

You see, what we do when no-one else is watching is a true reflection of who we are inside.

People who only do the right thing while they think someone is looking, are not somebody that you can depend upon in life.

And while it might seem like a little thing, not picking up that bit of rubbish that dropped out of your pocket, or looking the other way when your dog poops…

Every time we do that…

Every time we choose not to be 100% responsible for our lives and for the impact we have on the world…

A little piece of our power, shrivels up and dies.

How can we trust ourselves, when we are continuously showing ourselves how undependable we are?

How can we be strong and proud, when our very actions prove the opposite?

I know that keeping our carbon footprint small is all the rage at the moment…

But I am a big believer in keeping our personal energy footprint small as well.

Why should other people have to pick up after us?

Or clean up our mess?

Or step in our dog's poop?

Or have to put in one extra iota of energy on our behalf, then what we do ourselves?

Maybe you are nodding your head in agreement…

Or maybe not.

That's fine by me.

All I ask is you think about this email in the days and weeks to come, as you think about how you want to show up in life…

And when you are thinking about who you want to be.

Do you want to be able to be proud of yourself, no matter what?

Or do you want to be that person, who drifts through life, leaving others to clean up their mess in their wake?

The choice is yours, but I know which I want to be.

In Your Corner

Donna Joy