One of the mistakes I see new coaches making is trying to help everybody.

When you first start out, it's important to have a very clear and precise message to your market so that you can talk with confidence about your perfect client's pains and frustrations and how you can help them…

Which means that you have to pick a niche.

I'm sorry…

I know as a coach it can be potentially painful to feel like you are turning your back on people that you can help, but if you don't choose a niche, you're going to help even less people.

If you don't choose a niche, and you're trying to tell everybody how you can help them, well, your message is diluted, the impact is weak, and less people will listen.

If you choose a niche, and narrow in on exactly how you can help them, then you will be calling them out whenever you do a post or a video, because you will be talking just to them.

It's a bit like the difference between standing up in a mall and yelling, ‘Who needs help?', and standing up in a mall and yelling, ‘Are there any menopausal women here who would like help learning how to lose weight and keep it off for good?'

The first will have people giving you a wide berth and trying to pretend that you don't exist.

...Don't look at the crazy person…

The second will have a stampede of 50 something women racing towards you.

As your business grows you can broaden that niche, but initially you need to start quite narrow.


The second benefit to picking a niche is that what you create for your clients is going to be better because you are going to be able to tailor it even more to their particular needs.

You’ll be able to be a specialist, creating targeted and precise programs and content.

Now, I would love to help anybody who is struggling with trying to choose/define their niche and their message to this niche. It's a bit of a speciality of mine 😉

SO if you are struggling with this, email me at and tell me what you do, and who you want to help, and let's get to work defining your niche.

This is what I do for my clients, and I thought I’d spread the love, and do it for FREE for my followers 🙂 Just because I love helping you! Can’t wait to see your niche and message ideas. X

In your corner,

Donna Joy