I recently came through a choice point.

A time in my life where I was able to shift my thinking and my ultimate belief, and subsequently shift my energy and my actions.

I had been butting my head up against a belief, formed as a teenager, that I could not make money doing creative things…

That I could only make a living by ‘going to University and getting a good job.'

(Thanks Dad 😉 )

This had led to me being stuck in a cycle of hard work and no results when it came to my online pursuits.

Interestingly enough, dentistry is a hugely creative job. I get to handmake little teeth all day…

But in my mind, it was a ‘proper' job…

An impressive one even.

Which led to me feeling that somehow there was shame to be had by trying to move away from that.

Like everyone would think I was crazy.

And while from the new headspace I am in, I realise that some people still will, I also know that it won't bother me because…

It wasn't really ever about what others thought that was the problem. It was the fact that they were backing up my own subconscious belief system when they did. 

When I had the shift that allowed me to believe that I could make money in whatever way I wanted to, it opened up a whole new world.

Almost as if before I had been stuck in a little room, thinking I was free.

Now I can see the night and day difference of how I feel. And that feeling, which comes from my belief, is what ultimately drives my actions.

When I had my shift, an energy block dissolved, and now what I want is starting to come to me.

It's kind of magical how it all works, and I am always reminded of C.S. Lewis's Narnia Book, The Last Battle.

Maybe you have read it?

At the end, our heroes and heroines are forced through the door into a small stable in which resides a horrific monster.

But when they go through, they find that they are not inside a stable at all, but they have come through to Narnia.

They are in a magical world BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED.

They believed in Aslan, and Narnia, and they never gave up. And so, their final destination is the reward for their belief.

Meanwhile, a group of dwarves that had given up their faith, were forced through the door as well. They thought they were still in a stable.

Sitting in the pitch black, in hay and mud, with only dirt to eat…

When the reality was that they sat free in Narnia, with a gourmet feast surrounding them.

If only they had believed, everything would have been available to them…

But, because they did not, they were doomed to live forever in the dark, miserable and angry and unable to see that they were in a jail of their own making.

So many people I come across are like those dwarves.

Unable to believe in what is possible…

Unable to believe in themselves.

They limit their potential, and spend their time coming up with excuses for why they failed, when the truth is, they never really tried.

Some never even believed enough to move out of victim mode, instead, just letting life happen to them. Frustrated and angry by their lack of control, when it was really just that they never took that control for themselves.

SO, I want to ask you…

Which will you be?

The one who sat in the dark stable and spent their life grumbling about how life wasn't fair? Or the one who believed in themselves enough to create a truly magical life?

The choice is yours…

But if you want to go with option two and don't know how to start, I'm here to help.

Jump on my calendar to chat: https://donnajoyusher.com/success-session

In Your Corner

Donna Joy