WE spent a lot of our time comparing ourselves to other people, whether or not we realise it or not.

Models, movie stars, people we follow, people we admire…

Our friends, our neighbours, total strangers in the street…

We are constantly analysing, categorising and comparing our attributes to theirs.

Are we as smart, as successful, as rich, as good looking…

Are we as popular, as strong, as confident, as nice?


Our brains are constantly comparing us to others, tabulating that information, and then presenting it to us, whether or not we asked for it. 


Now I want to say two things about that.

Firstly, your brain has a major flaw. 

(And I don't mean that in a rude way. 😉 )

You think that the information your brain is giving you is true…

But it is not.

It's just an opinion.

You see, your brain is not analysing these things from a neutral platform. It already has a built-in bias.


Like a coloured lens over a camera, what you ultimately believe about yourself is going to warp the conclusion that your brain is making. 


If you believe yourself to be fat, even though those around you would laugh at that idea, then your brain is going to be always looking for evidence to tell you that you are fat.

If you believe that you are better than others, it will always be looking for evidence to back that up.

If you believe that you are not good enough, or smart enough, or just don't have what it takes to be successful, then that is what you will find. 


It is only when you are able to strip away the layers created by the stories that you tell yourself, that you are truly able to get a proper baseline from which to make comparisons. 


Now the second thing I want to share is that there is only one person that you should be comparing yourself to anyway. 

SO who is this amazing creature that we should all be measuring ourselves up against?

Well, very simply, IT IS YOU!

But not just any version of you.


No, it is the FUTURE YOU you need to be comparing yourself against.


The one who has already made it…

The one who has put in the hard work and proved it can be done…

The one who is the living example of what is possible for you.

Sure, you can model your behaviour on other successful people, but the only person you should be comparing yourself and your action against, is that future version of you…


Because when you are able to model exactly WHAT THEY ARE DOING, think exactly HOW THEY THINK, behave exactly HOW THEY BEHAVE…


Then you will find that you will be able to step into that version of yourself, and finally create that life that you dream of. 

In your corner,

Donna Joy