DO you find yourself struggling to work out what you should be concentrating on doing to move your business forwards?

ARE you busy all the time, but just aren't having the progress that you want?

IS your attention split between many different projects, all of them moving forward like snails in a race where they don't know where the finish line is?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those, this article IS FOR YOU!!!


There are so many distractions in the online space, so many things competing for our attention, so many things that we think we should be doing, so how do you know EXACTLY what you should be concentrating your time and energy on?


Today I want to share the ICE Model with you.




SO how does the ICE Model work, and how can you implement it?

Well, I'm going to walk you through what I do, so you can see how you can use it to build your own online business.

Kicking goals in your business start with exactly that…setting the goals you want to kick.

If you don't define the finish line, you have nothing to work towards, so every quarter, I define my 90 DAY GOALS.

These are the navigators that are going to be your true north. They, when used with the ICE Model, are going to guide you in the right direction.

You want to define 3-5, 90 Day Goals. So just those 3-5 things that you commit to putting into place, and to getting done in the next 90 days. 

Yes, there will be other projects that you want to get done sometime in the future. Put these on the RADAR list, so that you know that they are there for the future. This will stop you having to use up brain space, worrying about these things that you actually aren't doing right now.

SO once you have these 3-5 goals, everything that you choose to do has to be taking you one step closer to these goals.

The ICE Model is going to help you with this.

Write down all the tasks you are thinking about doing, and then ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How big an IMPACT will this task have on achieving my 90 Day Goals?
  2. How CONFIDENT am I that what I am choosing to do is going to work?
  3. How EASY is it?

Then rank the list of things, depending on the ICE Model – and whether or not they fall into low, medium or high within the ICE.

If a task is not going to drive you towards you 90 Day Goals at all, then move it to the bottom of the list. If you have 2 tasks that will move you towards that goal, but one of then you are not as confident about, then it takes a lower priority position.

Do the tasks that are guaranteed to keep you moving in the right direction, not just the fun stuff, not just the stuff that makes you feel busy.

Do I really need to create another lead magnet when I already have 5 bringing me leads, or could that time be better spent building out an offer for those leads I already have?

Should I spend time redoing a one hour video because I changed the name of my business, or would my time be better spent writing emails that are going to put people onto my calendar to talk to?

You can see how this works?


Sometimes the things that we WANT to spend our time on are not the things that we SHOULD be spending our time on. 


More often than not, they are the things we want to do to make sure we are PERFECT. Which means we are continuously tidying up after ourselves, rather than striding purposefully towards our future life. 

SO sit down and work out your big goals for the next few months, and then use the ICE Model to prioritise what you are doing on a weekly, daily and hourly basis.

In your corner,

Donna Joy