Hey there Donna Joy,

I've been working with a lot of people lately, talking to them about their goals and dreams, and one the questions I ask them is, ‘On a score of 1-10, how committed are you to reaching your goals?'

Now some people are a straight-up 11…

But others come in at a shaky 8 or 9.

Which always surprises me, because while we are talking about their dreams, they are SO ALIVE.


Impassioned, and vibrant.

Hopeful and excited.

And then all of a sudden they are telling me that they are not totally committed to getting there.


As if it is okay for them to stay stuck where they are now…

That it is tolerable.

And from talking to so many people, and watching those who HAVE IT (that special something that makes them go on to be successful no matter what) and those who don't, I have come up with a theory.


Most people don't understand what being committed to something really means.


They let their logical brain get in the way.

They think when I ask them how committed they are, that I am actually asking, ‘What is the likelihood of you making these dreams become your reality.'

And so when I then ask them what is there between the 8 and the 10, they start to give me all the reasons for why they might not be able to do it.

So right now I want you to write down, what are your goals, what are your dreams, and then I want you to ask yourself, ‘How committed am I to making this happen?'

Be truthful with yourself, and if you answer is anything less than a 10, ask yourself why?

Now, what might come up at that point are things like, ‘I don't know if I will be able to get enough clients to make that happen,' or, ‘the economic climate at the moment sucks.'

At that point I want you to STOP.

Stop thinking. Stop analysing.




Commitment is not logical.

Commitment is not rational.

It is the desire that burns deep within us.

It is the illogical reason for why we can not give up.

It is the bright star, acting as our true north.

It gives us the strength to keep going, even when we think that we can not.

So I want to ask yourself…


How committed am I? Do I want this enough to go through all the hard work?


And if the answer is yes…

Then never, ever, ever give up.


In your corner,

Donna Joy

P.S. I would love to offer you a free speed coaching session with me so that we can work out exactly what your goals are, and what is stopping you from having them.

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