Over the last couple of emails I've been talking about how to protect your business.

If you want a predictable, sustainable and scalable business you need to be doing what all the other online success stories out there are doing…

You need to be turning the traffic that you don't or control into traffic that you do.

In my last email I talked about the bait you are going to need to do this…

The lead magnet that is going to lure your perfect prospects to you.

Today I am going to talk about the hook.

So the thing that is going to make them want the lead magnet, and that is going to take their email address in exchange for it.

I'm talking about an optin page. The first page of the very simple funnel you need to be able to build your email list.

Now I have some personal rules that I use whenever I am creating an optin page, and I want to share them with you now.


My rules for my landing pages:

  1. An attention grabbing headline.
  2. A subheading that overcomes an objection.
  3. A captivating image – you need to make your lead magnet look tangible and sexy.
  4. A list of points of what they are going to get with your free offer – this should touch on their pain and the benefits, without actually giving them all the details. You need to ‘lift the skirt’ and tease them without explaining exactly what it is you are going to teach them. Make them curious and keen enough to click that submit button.
  5. The Button – make it bright and attention grabbing. You can split test a direct form against a pop up to see which converts better. (I go through this more in the technical lessons.)
  6. ALL THE ABOVE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE FOLD – So they don’t have to scroll down to get to the button.
  7. Very bottom content – Your website, your disclaimer, your terms and conditions, and if you are going to advertise on Facebook you need a disclaimer stating you are not a part of Facebook etc. •

I know that all of this sounds a little tricky at the moment, but believe me when I tell you that once you know how to do it, it isn't that hard.

Which is why I have created my Simple Lead Generation Funnel training. So that you don't need to work out how to do this all by yourself.

Instead, I'm going to take you through everything that you need to do to create your very own optin funnel, that is going to allow you to take control of your business and start to build your list.

So if you want to secure the future of your business, and create a predictable and scalable income, then use this link to read more: https://donnajoyusher.com/slgf