Now I am sure that you have heard of swipe files before…

Maybe you have even started creating one, in which case…


But I thought I would bring it up now, because I am working with a client who had never heard of it before.

In fact, the conversation started with him complaining about a certain expert in his field, who's information he vehemently disagreed with, and I said, ‘Well whether or not you like what he is doing, you have to agree that his marketing is good. So why not start putting it all in your swipe file.'

At first, he was a little confused about why he would want to keep tabs of what this guy was doing when he didn't agree with him…

But then he GOT IT!!!

You see he realised it wasn't what the guy was saying that was important as much as HOW HE WAS DOING IT.

He had opt-ins and funnels and sales pages and ads and all this great stuff that was obviously working for him, which means that in the future when we are ready to go there ourselves, we can look at what he is doing and MODEL IT.

Note I said model it, and not COPY IT!!!


The aim of a SWIPE FILE, is to get ideas about what is working right now in your industry so that you can use it for inspiration, not to plagiarise or copy. 


So when you are ready to create an opt-in funnel you can look at what the gurus out there are doing and use that to model your own on.

When you are ready to run ads to that opt-in funnel, you can check out which ads are working and take not of things like whether they are using long copy or short copy, video or image, structured or free-flowing, story or value post.

Do you see how this works?

How much easier is it to create something when you already have an idea of what you should be doing rather than starting from scratch.

I mean why recreate the wheel, right???

Now you know how the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago???

Well, the same can be said for a swipe file.

Even if you are not ready to put all the great stuff in a swipe file into action right now, you should be saving it anyway. When you need it, you don't want to be having to spend the time looking for it. You just want to be getting on with the creating part.

And weirdly, the more swipe file content you have, the better you will be able to create unique content, as opposed to being tempted to copy, because you will have many different ideas to use for your creation.

If you only have one to base your design off, you might end up getting close to copying that design in entirety…

And that is never a good thing!!!

So what sort of things should you be adding to your swipe file?

Screenshots or videos of ads, sales pages, order forms, opt-in pages, upsell pages, lead magnet ideas AND you should also be creating an email swipe file so that when you are ready to create a launch or nurture sequence of emails, you have some great emails to study before you start writing.

Now if you want some more info on how to create your swipe file, I recently ran a training in my Facebook Group, The Fully Booked Coach

All you need to do to watch it is ask to join the group.

If you can't find it in the feed, I will be adding it into the Training Videos are within the UNITS area you will find at the top of the group.