It's so confusing out there on the online space. There's so many different things that you can be doing, so many different social media platforms that you can be on, and it's very easy to get a little bit lost.

So what I want to talk to you about is the one thing you should be concentrating on when you first take your business online, and that is generating leads.


You need to be attracting the very people that you want to help, to you, which in itself is a skill, and there are a lot of different ways that you can be doing that.


When you're first starting, just come up with one thing that works for you and concentrate on that and make it work.


Choose your Social Media Platform, choose your method of attracting your qualified leads, and then initially, just stick with that.


So how do you generate leads?


Well, first you need to come up with something of value that your target market wants. It might be some information on how to heal the pain they have. It might be a cheat sheet telling them how to overcome a problem.


Whatever it is, it has to be congruent with who you are and how you help people. 


There is no point attracting people to you for a particular pain and then offering to help them in a different way. That's a bait and switch tactic and it does not work well at all.


SO work out what problem you can help them solve, and which information you are going to use to do that, and then what format you are going to deliver it to them in.


It could be a PDF, it could be a short eBook. It might be a quiz.


Whichever you use, keep it short and simple. Believe it or not, people are going to be keener to give you their email to download a cheat sheet, than a full-length book.


You see, they want their problem solved, and they want it solved NOW!!!


They don't want to have to wade through a 300-page novel to get the information they seek.


Now the next very important thing you need to remember about your lead magnet is that it can't totally solve their problem. If it does, they don't need you anymore.


It should help them with one portion of what you do, and preferably in a way that primes them for the next offer, which is your services.


So for instance, if you are a life coach specialising in helping postmenopausal women lose weight by identifying the thoughts they are having that are making them buffer their emotions with food, then your lead magnet might teach them that that is their problem, but not solve it for them.


Your lead magnet should make them problem aware and even solution aware, and then set YOU up as that solution.


SO you have created your lead magnet, what do you do now?


Well, after you have collected their email address, you are going to communicate with them and offer to help them more.


Don't be scared. These people have come to you seeking an answer that you can give them. They have a problem that you can solve.


So put yourself out there and show up as the leader and the expert, and most importantly ask them to take action. Give them a Call To Action. Give them reasons to jump on the phone with you, to talk about how you can further help them.


So that is a very basic lesson on how to build your coaching business online.


Generate leads, and then convert those leads to clients.