Good afternoon, it's Donna Joy Usher.

I just want to share something with you that's very exciting for me. And then I'm sure that you guys are going to relate to whether or not you're there yet, or you want to be there. 


So I just listened to a two-hour webinar, and it was basically on websites and how to improve your website. 


And you know what happens at the end of a webinar, they always give you the stack, and they give you a sale. 


Normally, by halfway through the webinar, I'm like, I want it. I want it badly. 


I know I need it. I know that is what's stopping me from having my success. That's the missing piece. I need it now. 


And then I start to sweat over how much it is going to be. 


Is it going to be $497, $997, or are we going to go to 1997? 


Or worse, even higher? 


And then is there going to be a payment plan and what's the conversion rate to Australian dollars at the moment?


So this is going on and on and on in my head and I'm starting to get anxious and then it's like picking at a label on something, you know how you get the corner up and then you start peeling it off in little strips???


That's what's happening inside me. 


Well, this time, when we got to the stack, I realized that there was none of that. It was gone. It was just all gone and I was totally calm. In fact, I was cleaning my nails and just waiting to get to the point of where they were going to review some websites so I can have a look at them. 


And sure, I was thinking yeah, my website is something that I could improve in the future. But I realized that I didn't have this normal need and urgency going on and the anxiety that goes with it. 


So, I stopped to analyze why. 


Why wasn't I thinking, this is the one thing that I need right now more than anything in the world


And well the reason I didn't is because I was like, well yeah, I could definitely improve my website, but that's not really on my priority list at the moment.


It‘s done. It's good enough. I need to be finishing this the course I've created and getting the rest of the series done. 


Normally I'd be thinking, oh no, I need to get this done first. I need to do that first, and be jumping all over like a rabbit caught up in shiny object syndrome. 


And you know what that's like, we have to have this course so badly that we go into credit card debt for it and then we never even watch it. 


Anyway, so what is the difference? Why am I no longer in shiny object syndrome? 


Well, the answer is very simple and very easy. 


It's that I finally know what to do. I finally know how to market myself online. I've put the pieces of the puzzle together that have been frustrating me for so many years. 


And I wanted to share, try to simplify it down for you so that hopefully you can get out of Shiny Object as well. 


So let's be totally honest about this. There are only three things that you need to make money online. 


One, you need something to sell. 


You need a product or a service to sell. So whether it's your own program, your own product, whether it's an affiliate product or network marketing product, whether or not you're a consultant, you need something of value to exchange for money. 


That's really what making money is all about. It's exchanging value for money, because then when we spend our money, we're doing the same thing, we're exchanging that money back for value. So the first thing you need is something to sell. 


The second thing you need is a way to attract people to you. A way to bring people to you. 


Now, whether you do that organically, or whether you do that through paid marketing, you have to have a steady flow of prospects or clients or customers coming to you for you to be able to create a sustainable and predictable business online. So that's the second thing you need.


And the third thing that you need is a way to sell these people into your business or your program or whatever it is that you're selling. You need a way to sell them. 


So one, something to sell. Two, a way to attract people. And three a way to sell people in. 


It's that easy, and yet we complicate it so much. 


And yes, there are many ways to skin a cat. But what I want to do now is break down those second two for you because if you're a coach or consultant, you've got something of value to sell. 


So let's look at the next two – a way to attract leads and a way to sell them into your business. Let's break that down further. 


I look at this as five different pieces of a pie. And the first three pieces are all about getting the prospect and the last two pieces are about selling them. 


So, the first one is building social proof


The second one is a way to build your audience and to build it not only on social media, but also to build an email list. So a way to get their email address and the details. 


And then the third part of that is a way to engage that audience. So once again, through email and social media. 


So they are the three pieces – a way to build social proof across many social platforms in a way that's simple for you, and easy for you. So that when people start to check you out, when people start to see, “who is this person?” and “can they really help me the way that they say?”, “are they just a fly by the night person?” and they're going to check you out on social media. They can see that you are there and you're there to stay and that you are providing value.


So the first one is providing social proof.


The second one is a way to get them onto your email list. A way to exchange something, give them something smaller value for free, that they will then exchange their details for.


So once again, it's this exchange of value, this time not for money, but for details. So that's what you need – a lead generating funnel. 


And then the third thing you need is a way to engage them. So once again, through social media, but more importantly through an email list. 


Because the thing is that if you're relying just on social media, there's a chance you may lose that platform. Things change. People move from social media platforms, and accounts get shut down. 


So you need to not just be building your social media presence, you need to be trying to convert them onto your email list onto something that you own. So that if the worst case happens, and all the social media platforms shut down tomorrow, you still have a business you still have a way to bring people into your business. 


Okay, so that's the first three pieces of the pie. The last two pieces of the pie are all to do about selling these people into your business. 


So the first three are about attracting them, and giving them that like and trust that they need to do business with you, and giving them value, so that they're ready to take that next step into your value ladder, where they actually exchange money for your services or goods.


And there's two ways to do this, once again, it’s quite simple. 


You either do it through a sales conversation directly, or you do it indirectly through a sales page. A sales form or an order form. 


So that's all you need to know how to do, how to either have a conversation with somebody, or how to create a sales page, and preferably, you need to know how to do both. 


Okay, I hope that's all making sense for you guys that you can see this pie with these five pieces that are teaching you how to do these two things. 


So how to attract people to you, and how to close them into your business. And that's all you need to know. And once you get your head around that, and once that makes sense to you, you're going to let go of shiny object syndrome forever. 


You're not going to be feeling like you're missing that crucial piece of information that you need to get it all to work. You're not feeling like you need to keep buying and consuming and buying and perfecting because you're going to know exactly what to do. 


I always say, when you start out online marketing, when you start up your journey online, it's like you've been given this enormous jigsaw puzzle box. And when you lift the lid, inside are all these pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. But the box is blank, there's no picture on it. They forgot to give you the picture of what the jigsaw puzzle looks like. 


Well, it's really just as simple as that pie, just the five pieces. 


Now, to make it easier for you I have converted this and in more detail into a PDF where I go through these five things that you need to know how to do and all you need to do to get it is go to 


So go grab that now so you can read more about how you can get out of shiny object syndrome and into actually creating your business, and moving forward in your business and getting the success that you deserve. Okay, I hope you're all having a wonderful day.