SO yesterday we spoke about whether or not your business was weatherproof.

In other words, if a shit storm were to strike you through Social Media, would your business survive, or would you be back at square one, building an audience up from scratch?


I pointed out that all the very successful online business people were using Social Media to do one very specific thing…

Turn traffic that they don't own or control, into traffic that they do.


They're using it to fill their email lists.

I pointed out that average industry open rates of 17% looks mighty fine when you compare it to the percent of people on your Facebook page who get shown your stuff…maybe 5%.

SO today I want to dive a bit deeper into how you can do it…

How you can start to own your traffic.

It all starts with a simple lead generation funnel. Something that allows you to swap value for details.

A lead generation funnel normally consists of 4 things.

  1. A Lead Magnet
  2. An Optin/Landing Page
  3. A Thank You Page
  4. A way to fulfil your promise of the lead magnet, normally an email.

Today I'm going to cover the first and most important part, the Lead Magnet.


A Lead Magnet is the bait that is going to lure people to you and make them want to give you their details.


It’s something of value that you offer your prospect.

Something that they need…

Something that they are willing to give over the details for…

Something that is going to help solve a problem that they have…

And then you offer it up in exchange for their email and name…

Then, once you have that, you are going to start showing up in front of them through email, as well as on Social Media.


So start with what is the ultimate problem that they have that you solve with your program, product or service. Then ask yourself, what can I give them that helps them with this problem?


I have a set of rules that I follow whenever I create a Lead Magnet:

1. It must be congruent with my overall offer. So the first logical stepping stone they need to take to get to where they want to be.

2. It must naturally lead to the next part of my Value Ladder.

3. It must scratch their itch but not totally alleviate it.

4. It must be quick and easy for them to consume – believe it or not, a quick cheat sheet is more appealing than a full book that will truly solve all their problems. People aren’t willing to commit too much time and energy to something they are not sure is what they need. They want their problem solved and they want it solved now – in five minutes or less. 🙂

  1. It must allow you to show up as that expert that can help them.
  2. It must have a name that tells them how it is going to solve their problem.
  3. It must give them value – it’s not just enough to get their email address, you need to give them enough value that they want to do more business with you.
  4. Must have a graphic that makes it look tangible and desirable.

Examples of types of Lead Magnets are Guides, Cheatsheets, Quizzes, Playbooks, PDFs, eBooks, Video Training, Challenges.

Okay in Part 3 of this series, I am going to talk about the next most important part…The Optin or Landing Page.

The better you can get this, the more people are going to come into your world.


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