Have you ever thought about the fact that we live in two different worlds?

One is our body’s reality. What we can smell, hear and touch. What we can feel and see.

Once upon the time that was the only reality we knew.

Enter the online space, and a second dimension of reality opened up to us.

All of a sudden, our presence could be felt in the far corners of the world…

We could interact with people we had never met…

And lose ourselves for hours at a time in this alternate reality.

Our attention tunes into the online space so much so, that for the time that we are there, our bodies forget to feel the reality they exist in.

And it is NOISY in there.

So much information.

Some of it true…

…some of it not.

Some of it good…

…some of it bad

Which also makes it CONFUSING.

WE are being told so many things about everything, but for us, the coaches looking to build their businesses online, it is even noisier.

There are a plethora of tactics that are being shown to us as THE ONE that we need to do now.

It had can be hard to ground yourself and to work out what you should be doing.

Is it Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest?

Is it YouTube, or Instagram or Twitter?

Should you be blogging, or vlogging or creating a podcast?

And new platforms are emerging all the time.

I have to be honest; I don’t even know what TikTok is.

So, if you are wondering with all the choices which one you should be concentrating your energy on, I have some useful information for you.

The important thing isn’t which platform you should be concentrating on, the important thing is that whichever one/s you choose, you are strategic in how you use them.

So what do I mean by that?

Well, it can be tempting to try to spread yourself thin across the platforms. Running around like a rabbit with its tail on fire as you just TRY TO PUT STUFF OUT THERE…

Because that’s what you have been told you have to do.

If that is you…STOP. Take a deep breath and relax.

It is better for you to do one platform and for you to do it consistently and well, than for you to act like a thin layer of peanut butter on the world’s biggest slice of bread.

Nobody likes a thin layer of peanut butter, it just lacks the impact of a mouthful of nutty goodness.

Once you have a strategy in place that allows you to create content that can be posted to many different platforms without an extra burden on you, then you can diversify. But first, you need to learn how to create quality content.

For now, I want to talk about the most important thing you need to be thinking about as you create your content, no matter which platform you choose, and that is PURPOSE.

There needs to be a pre-meditated purpose behind everything that you do.

Purpose is the difference between posting strategically to grow your business, versus randomly putting stuff out on social media.

You have to know what is the PURPOSE behind everything that you do, and more importantly, what is your PURPOSE for your audience.

What is your goal behind your posting?

What is the ONE THING that you want someone to do once they have read your post, article or watched your video?

Maybe you want them to comment. Maybe you want them to like something. Maybe you want them to subscribe.

Maybe your goal is to get them into a Facebook Group or onto your email list.

Maybe it is for them to sign up for a webinar or for a to buy something from you.

Start with the end in mind, and then create content that leads to that goal being accomplished.

Now, these goals are going to shift and change as your business shifts and changes, but they should be goal orientated around what you are currently doing within your business.

A lot of people confuse their audience by asking them to do too many things. If you confuse them, you lose them.

So always have that one thing only that you are going to ask them to do whenever you give them a Call To Action (CTA).

Now the challenge comes when you are creating content for a platform that is going to transcend time, that is, the search engines like Pinterest or Youtube, or a Podcast.

When people are looking at the content you create now, three years from now, is the link you have given them going to be relevant?

Just because you are growing your Facebook group now, that might not be where your time and energy is in the future. Maybe by then, you will have a membership site you want people to join.

Your PURPOSE now will change as you and your business evolve, so be strategic with any links that you create.

How can you create CTA’s in a way that will ensure you against time?

The easiest ways to do this is to use links where you can switch out the actual destination so that the content you create now will still be serving you in the future.

I use Pretty Links for this on my website, but if you don’t have a website, you can create a Bitly link for now and then use the redirect function when you want to change the destination.

Bear in mind that you need to have a Pro account to do that. Also, there was some talk a while ago about certain platforms not liking bitly links though, so that is something to give some consideration to.

The other thing you can do is create a resources page on your website so that you can change what people are seeing when they follow that link.

Okay, so the take-outs from today:

  1. Choose one social media platform and then show up there consistently.
  2. Create a system that will allow you to do that with ease
  3. Once you have that system in place, start to spread your impact to other platforms
  4. KNOW YOUR PURPOSE for everything you create
  5. Create and use links that will allow you to change where you send people as your main purpose changes


Now don’t forget, whatever you do, do it consistently and do it with purpose.