Yesterday I listened to a 71-year-old man speak about how he grew a massive following on Facebook.

He didn't do it by sending people messages.

He didn't do it by going into other people's groups and ‘adding value'.

And he certainly didn't do it by spamming people.

SO, what did he do?

Well, a year ago, he committed to publishing something every day on his platform…

And then he stuck to his commitment.

So, every day for the last year has seen him doing a Facebook Live, and while initially he was speaking to an empty theatre, now he plays to a full stadium.

Every day he spoke from his heart, and created know, like and trust with his audience.

Everyday be put himself out there, ready to accept rejection and ridicule.

And every day his following grew, till he is where he is right now.

With a group of people who know him and love him and are ready to spend their money with him.

That is the power of showing up consistently…

That is the power of publishing.

Imagine you have an empty big bucket sitting in front of you next to a pool of water.

Using a teaspoon, you scoop up some water and put it into that bucket.

That water looks pretty inconsequential there in that bucket by itself.

And if you leave it too long before you have added that next spoon of water, there is a chance the first one will have evaporated, so that you are back at the beginning again.

Now imagine that every day, you add one more spoon of water to that bucket.

A week or two passes by, and that water still look pretty unimpressive, right?

But now imagine what it looks like in 6 months’ time, 12 months’ time, 5 years’ time…

Your bucket will be overflowing!

That is what publishing is like…

If you only do it once, there will be absolutely zero impact.

If you do it inconsistently, you will never develop any sort of result at all.

But if you do it consistently…

If you turn up every day…

And if you keep going, even though it seems that no-one is watching…

Then eventually you are going to start to make a massive impact.

I know that the thought of publishing things is scary.

Of putting yourself out there for possible ridicule and rejection, but the truth is, that if you want to build a large business online, you are going to have to get over that fear totally.

Otherwise, it will hamstring you because you won't be the person capable of doing what you need to, to grow your business if you let something like rejection stop you.

Publishing is a great way to push through that fear and to build the confidence you need to succeed.

Remember the old saying, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me???'

We seem to have forgotten that in this virtual world we live in.

WE have become so sensitive to what total strangers think of us, that we let that prevent us from creating the life we want.

And while the truth is that not everybody is going to like you, it is also true that there are going to be a heap of people who will love you.

SO next time you find yourself freaking out at the thought of doing a live video stop and take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay.

Think about the people out there who need whatever it is that you have to offer, and forget about the haters.

Commit to publishing on just one platform every day…

Whether it is your blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…choose one that fits you and do it every day for a year…

And amazing things will happen.

In Your Corner

Donna Joy