Perfecting Your Linked In Profile

The above is just one  tactic among many that you can use to fill your calendar with potential clients. The problem comes when all you have is tactics and no overall strategy...

You see you need to lay the foundations for your online business before you can really grow. There are many different necessary elements and all of them need to be working.

It can be difficult trying to put all the pieces of the online marketing puzzle together. I remember how frustrated I used to get before I finally worked out how to do it.

Mind you, that took me over $100000 and 6 years to work out.

Now maybe you have that money and time to spend on working it all out yourself, or maybe you'd like to shortcut the process and save yourself the pain and heartache of throwing good money after bad as you try to work it out yourself.

If the second option sounds by far the more desirable, it's time to let you know that I am currently taking on clients, to teach them my Client Acquisition Formula. If you want to find out more about that, and how it will help you turn your empty appointment book into a thriving business, them jump on my calendar to talk.