Take a cup of chicklit and add a nip of romance and a tablespoon of action. Stir well and then shake it all up with some mystery. Throw in a handsome man or two, some sexual tension, and a cast of riotous characters, and you've got it...the perfect cozy mystery.

And if you like the sound of that recipe then you are going to LOVE The Chanel Series.

 Book one follows Chanel Smith as she transforms from ditsy hairdresser to ball-crushing police officer and decides to take on the Kings Cross Serial Killer. Book two takes us to Vegas where Chanel's Mum is kidnapped. She and her drag-queen best friend, Martine, go up against the Las Vegas Mob in their attempts to...you know what, it's probably just best if you read them.

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Winner of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Ebook Fiction Category

Winner of the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards – Humor Category

Faced with the unattractive options of an affair with her boss’s husband or the unknown, Chanel Smith chooses the unknown and unwittingly traps herself into joining the New South Wales’ Police Force. More interested in fashion than felony, Chanel staggers through training and finds herself posted to the forces most notorious crime hot spot, King's Cross, where she becomes entangled in a case of the worst kind - a serial killer targeting young women.

As she is drawn further into the seedy underworld in her attempt to unravel the truth, Chanel makes new friends, new enemies and draws the attention of the killer. Can she solve the case in time, or will she become the killer’s next victim?


Finalist in the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards – Humor

It’s been 3 months since Chanel’s world fell apart and now she’s ready for a vacation. Unfortunately, her all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas is not turning out as she had hoped. Within hours of arriving, her mum, Lorraine, is kidnapped. Then Trent, her boss and Lorraine’s boyfriend, disappears; but not before he imparts information about an Interpol investigation into missing girls in Las Vegas.

When Chanel hooks up with local bad boy, the seriously sexy Billy, in a bid to get information, things only start to get worse. As she and Martine search for answers they are thwarted by obstacles and pursued by ruthless killers.

Who really kidnapped Lorraine? What happened to the missing girls? Can the delicious Billy be trusted? These are all questions that she needs to find the answers to, before the answers find her.


It’s been twenty-five years since that hellish night. Twenty-five years of living in denial, and Tess still doesn’t want to think about it. But now her daughter, Chanel, is insisting that she spill the beans.

So Tess must cast her mind back to a life of passion and betrayal, to a time of violence and death, and she must face her past to tell us… what really happened to Lou the Brain.


It’s been three months since Chanel returned from Las Vegas and she’s done everything in her power to forget about Billy. All that changes the day he shows up asking for her help.

Boris Tolokonsky, head of the Las Vegas Mafia, has escaped, and Intel says he is heading for Australia…and for Matt King. Now Chanel must put her heartache aside and work with Billy to protect Matt and his bride-to-be.

In Two Weddings and a Fugitive, The Chanel Series gang meets the characters from The Seven Steps to Closure and all our favourites are back; bigger, better and funnier than ever.


Everything seems to be finally perfect for Chanel. Billy has moved to Australia to be with her, her parents are together again, and her boss has taken an extended period of long service leave. So when Billy disappears on a dangerous undercover job her world falls apart.

Where is Billy, and what is he working on? Those in power are not sharing anything, but Chanel knows he will need her help.

With the aid of her friends she begins her own investigations, eventually uncovering the dark truth that Billy’s cover has been blown.

Now she’s in a race to find Billy where the stakes are too high. She’s holding all the pieces but her heart is on the line. Can she save Billy, or will she pay the ultimate price for her failure?


Everything seems to be starting to come together for Chanel. Billy has recovered from his near-fatal gunshot wound and soon they will be off to the Mediterranean for a well-deserved break. So, when Billy is framed for murder, all plans of sipping cocktails on sandy beaches come to a screeching halt.

With the detectives hard at work building a case against him, and the evidence piling up, it’s up to Chanel and the gang to prove Billy is innocent.

Now, she’s breaking all the rules, and putting her career, and her body, on the line to catch the real murderer. How will it end for Billy and Chanel? A life together, or life in prison?


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