I’ve been coaching and selling high-end programs for a while now and there is one thing that constantly stuns me.

You see, we always start the call by identifying the person’s 12-month goals, then we move through what is stopping them from getting there, so that I can clarify their problem and make sure the program I am going to offer them really will get them there, and then I offer to help.

Now here’s what stuns me – undoubtedly when I ask them what their 12-month goal is, it is to be earning at least $10000 a month. Normally more than that. Often they say $50000 a month.

And yet, when I tell them what the investment will be to spend a year in 1:1 coaching to get them to that goal, they won’t invest in themselves.

On one hand, we have someone saying that in a year’s time they want to be making, let’s go conservative and say $10000 a month, and then when I tell them it will cost them say $20000 to get there – two months will recoup their investment – they won’t do it.


It seems a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? I mean where else can you get that sort of return on investment?


If you put $20000 into a bank term deposit at the end of the year you would have about $20,700.

If you invested it in shares, you would have $23,200.

If you invested it in a property over the next 5-10 years you’ll hopefully see some growth over the cost of holding the property.

But when I tell someone they can invest $20,000 in THEMSELVES, to be earning $10,000 a month, $120,000 a year, they say no. They don’t think it is worth it.


Which tells me something huge…

They don’t really understand the power of investing in yourself.

So today I want to talk about the top 6 reasons you need to INVEST IN YOURSELF if you want to have that life you’ve been talking about and dreaming about for so long.


  1. Because investing in yourself tells you that you believe in you and that you are worth it.


And that is the most powerful thing of all. Too many people let the fear of failure stop them from even trying. Investing heavily in yourself takes away that fear of failure, because by your action you are telling yourself that you believe in you and that you know that you’ve got this.

This totally changes the way you feel and act. This creates an energy shift – which is the second reason you need to invest in yourself.


  1. When you believe in yourself there is an energy shift.


From what I have observed both from watching others and from my own journey, it’s like being a train on a track heading in one direction, and then when you make a leap of faith and tell yourself that you are worth it, the tracks shift and all of a sudden you are heading to a different destination.

If may not be the ultimate life you are wanting, but it is closer than the destination you were heading to before.


  1. Each time you take that leap of faith you get one step closer to what you want to achieve.


You learn things, you meet people, you open yourself up to opportunities.

Sometimes the success you find is not what you thought it was going to be when you started out on your journey.

You may end up with the dream life you want – just not the way you thought you would get it, but without taking those chances, of learning and having mentors and meeting people and making connections on a much higher level, with people already successful, and by showing up to them as a person who is success-minded, then that is never going to happen.


  1. You attract what you put out there.


If you are willing to invest in yourself you will attract others to your business who are willing to invest in yourself.

How can you expect people to spend thousands of dollars with you, if you wouldn't do the same with somebody else?


  1. Investing in yourself is the most important thing you can invest in.


If you can learn how to create a business online, and produce a predictable income – you will never want for anything again. Invest in your brain above all else.

Stock markets can crash…

Banks can close…

The property market can stagnate for years…

But if you invest in your brain, and learn how to make money online, then you never have to worry again.


  1. Every other successful person out there has done it.


Whether they be a coach or a consultant or an elite athlete, everybody who is at the top of their game got there because they invested in themselves.

Not one person who is making 6 or 7 figures a year as a coach in the online space, did it without investing in themselves. It just doesn’t happen. And all of these people, these gurus, are constantly on the search for new ways to invest in themselves.


All right. I hope that this has given you some food for thought, and some clarity around why it is time to level up if you truly want that life you dream of.


It is out there waiting for you, you just need to believe in yourself and go and get it.

In your corner,

Donna Joy

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