Over the last few months I've taken nearly a couple of hundred sales calls, which means that it's something I've not only had to get comfortable with, it's something I've had to get good at.

I've also consumed a lot of training on the subject because up to that point I had specialised in marketing.

And while marketing and sales are often bundles up together, they are, in fact, very different things.

The marketing draws our perfect clients to us, the sales allows us to convert them into actual clients.

You've got to be good at both if you want to build your business.

So today, I want to share THE MOST IMPORTANT thing of all I've learned about sales…

And I think it's going to shock you.

Most people think sales is all about convincing the other person to buy from them…

And while that is one way to sell things, it's no way to build a business you love working in.

You see, to be really good at sales, and to sell in a way that is not going to have you feeling like a slimy second hand cars salesman you have one job and one job alone…


Your job is to help the person on the other end of the call MAKE THE BEST DECISION FOR THEM!


If you are going to close, and you are going to enjoy doing it, you have to be 100% completely sold out on that person.

You have to know in your heart that you can help them, and that you are the right person to do that, and then you have to facilitate their decision making process to help them see that.

So let me say that again.

Your job is not to force them…

Your job is not to manipulate them…

Your job is not to lie to them, deceive them or to trick them…

It is to help them make the best decision for them.


You, and your program, is not going to be in the best interest of everybody who jumps on a call with you…

And everybody who gets on a call with you is not going to be somebody that you want to work with.


Once you realise this and truly get it, you will find all the pressure come off.

It is no longer just about how good you are, but about whether it is the right thing to do.

I hope that has helped you see sales calls from a slightly different angle, one that doesn't freak you out quite so much. 😉

In your corner,

Donna Joy

P.S. If you would like to have a call with me so that we can see if working with me to help you build out your online business is the best thing for you, jump on my calendar for a call. I promise, there will be no coercion. 🙂