There's a lot to be said about manifesting your future…


It is an essential part of having a life lived on purpose, and not one where you are at the mercy of everybody else's intentions.


And yet for many of us, manifesting just doesn't seem to cut it.

We build dream boards…

And spend time focusing on our goals and our dreams…

And then we release that energy up into the universe, or to God, or whatever it is that you believe in.

And then we sit back and wait, wondering why when those around us seem to be able to manifest their dreams into reality, that we are not able to.

Well, if that is you, you may be missing an important part of the process.

You see, to hold our desired outcome in our thoughts is not just enough.


We actually have to DO SOMETHING.


It is entirely possible to flow towards our goals, but we actually have to get off our butts and put in the hard work.

SO how we go about using manifestation as a useful tool?

Well, firstly, yes, we have to visualise what we want.

We have to be specific about it. We have to give it amounts and a time frame.

Then, secondly, we have to flow energy towards it.

We need to focus love on it, and be intentional.

Look at your goal from the direction of how can you bless and serve.


Many people struggle with the thought that they should make money off the back of serving others…


As if making money and helping others are mutually exclusive.

And that achieving any sort of monetary goal is a purely selfish thing.

And yet, they themselves are willing to shell out thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to get help that they want.

The truth is that it is okay to be rewarded for your hard work and efforts.

In fact, it is better than okay, it is desirable.


Success does not have to be selfish!


Now the third part of all of this is the part that most people miss…


Get Off Your Arse!!!


You got to get off your arse and into massive action if you have any sort of worthy goal.


Visualise, flow energy, and then go get it.

Now some of you may be thinking, ‘Well, if I have to do all the hard work, what is the point of me visalising at all? Why bother manifesting at all?'

Well, the truth is that the visualisation helps you crystallise your end result so that when you get into action you are able to head in the right direction.


It is your true north when the going get toughs.


It is going to remind you why you are doing this, and why the hard work is all worth it.

So you can see, without massive action, your dreams can not become a reality, but without those dreams, there can be no massive action.

SO next time you are visualising your future, or looking at your dream board, ask yourself…what do I have to do to start flowing freely towards this?

And then go and get it.