So today I want to talk to you about Lead Generation. I’m sure it’s something you’ve heard before, but what you may not know is that lead generation is the blood of your business.


The dictionary definition of Lead Generation: The action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products and services.


If you don’t have a predictable way to bring people to you, then your client well is going to dry up and your business is going to die. 


You must learn how to generate leads, and that means learning how to do attraction marketing, and then you must cultivate those leads, engage them, keep showing up in front of them.


Most people don't realise that this is an integral part of lead generation. The part where you keep showing up for them. 


SO what exactly is attraction marketing?


Well, it's like the difference between a fisherman who puts his hook into the water and hopes that the right type of fish just comes along and bites his hook, and the one who uses bait he knows the fish he is after loves, and then uses burly in the water to actually draw them to him.


You can imagine that the second fisherman – using a sound strategy –  is going to have far greater success than the first who is really on blind hope and optimism. 


SO how do we do this?


Well, the first thing you need to have done is to lay the foundation of your business through your research. Over the last week, I’ve talked about what research you need to cover and how to do it.


So once you have that information, it’s time to craft something that your perfect client wants.


Something that is going to answer a burning desire that they have. Something that they would be willing to give up their information for.


This is you showing up in front of them as a leader. This is you declaring that you can help them with a problem that they have. 


The trick here is that you create something that scratches their itch but does not make them think that their problem is solved. It leads them towards the real answer to their problem – you.


The biggest mistake people make when they are starting out creating lead magnets, is that they want to give too much. They feel guilty not putting everything that they have into the lead magnet. 


You need to remember that you are giving this away for free, and that the aim of this is to bring people to you so that you can convert them to clients. 


The next thing you need to know about a lead magnet is that bigger is not better. Cheat cheats, PDF’s, quizzes, work really well, while a full book (unless you are a well-known expert on the subject) just do not.


It seems counterintuitive I know, but in today’s world where the active attention span of someone is now officially less than that of a goldfish, people do not want to have to read a whole book. 


They want a quick fix and they want it now.


Now you and I know that that is not possible. Quick fixes just don’t work.


But we can use that desire to lead them to us, so that then we can help them properly.


Now the next thing you need to think about when crafting this hook for your prospective clients is that it should naturally lead to whatever your solution is. 


SO for example, if you are a coach who works with busy mums on how to organise themselves and their families, you lead magnet has to be about something to do with organisation.


Sure you could run a competition giving away something that is totally unrelated – like an iPad, and get a tonne of leads, but the chance of any of them being what we call QUALIFIED LEADS is slim to none. 


Okay, that’s enough for one article,


Stay safe everyone.