Today, I want to talk about three ways to generate leads for your business. 


If you have any sort of business, you know that leads are the lifeblood of your business. You need a continual flow of new people coming to you to become clients or customers so that you can continue to have a sustainable business, and also if you want to a scalable business. 


So what are the three top reasons that I see why people aren't able to generate leads for their business? 


Well, the first and the most important one of all, and this is for any sort of marketing within their businesses, is that they just haven't done their research


They haven't spent the time really getting to know their avatar, their perfect prospect, their perfect client. They haven't really dug deep into what this person really wants. What it is, that is their main frustration, their goals, their dreams, their desires. 


When we're marketing to people, we need to be marketing to their goals and dreams. 


The benefits of what they really want and not just the features that are going to give that to them. And we need to understand that so that we can craft something that they want. 


So when we're generating leads, we're offering them something of value in return for their details; their name and their email address and possibly their phone number. We need to understand them enough to better craft something that they want.


Now, you've probably heard that saying, offer them what they want, and then give them what they need. 


Often what they want, is actually not what they need. And your value ladder is going to give them what they need. 


But for us to get in the door, for us to show them that, and to be able to educate them on that, we need to offer them what they want. 


So we are going to craft a lead magnet that is going to scratch that itch. It's going to answer a bit of their question. Give them a little bit of relief from their pain. It's going to help them move that one step closer to you and your world so that you can start showing up in their world as that person that can help them. And then you can actually give them what they need. 


Okay, so that's the first thing. Not doing your research properly, not understanding what makes them tick, not being able to be a voice in their head, not being able to take up their conversation that they've been having with themselves where they stopped. You need to go do that, to be able to craft a really irresistible lead magnet that's going to be high converting.


Now, the second reason I see people not generating leads is that their landing page sucks


They've crafted something, they've done calls to action, they take people to their landing page, and then people think, “Oh, I don't want that.” 


Your landing page has to make your lead magnet seem irresistible. 


So how do you do this? 


Well, let's talk about things that are bad about landing pages. 


For one, if your landing page loads too slowly.


I mean, people are impatient these days. We've got seven seconds to catch their attention and then five or six seconds of that is waiting for that landing page to load, you're going to lose them before you even get a chance. So you want your landing page to open quickly. 


Next, you don't want it to be too cluttered. You don't want their eyes to be searching for what they're trying to find. 


You want it to be very obvious and clear. 


And sometimes when we're designing stuff, we can get a little bit too clever and make things too pretty, or too much and too busy. When in reality, quite often simple is best. I have a very simple template for my landing pages that I've worked out over the years that is converting over 60% of cold traffic at the moment. 


Now, the next thing is that you want everything above the fold


You've probably heard this term before, you might know what it means. But if you don't, then when we talk about above the fold, we’re referring what it’s like when people read the big newspaper and fold them in half to make it easier to read. So anything in the top half of the paper was called ‘above the fold’. And that was a desirable real estate in that paper because that was the most read part of the paper. 


So when we're online, above the fold is what is seen on the screen without having to scroll down. 


Obviously, on your mobile phone, that's not possible. People are going to have to scroll to get the information. But on a laptop or a computer, if you can have your whole landing page showing up including the button, so that your prospect is not having to scroll down to see anything, then all the important information is above the fold. 


Now, you might go on to have a story about yourself, reviews, or things like that below the fold. But above the fold, you want the headline, you want a sub-headline, you want a graphic, you want some bullet points and you want the button that's going to allow them to put their information anywhere that ought to be above the fold. 


Your landing page also should not be hard to read


The colour should be easy to read. The font should be easy to read. Once again, don't go crazy. 


Where design is concerned, simple is often best. 


You need a headline that's going to call them out so they know that you're talking to them. 


You need to also address the pain, the frustration that you're going to help with so that you’re agitating their problem. It's almost like you have stuck a pin into them because you have straightaway brought up the pain and frustration that they want help with. 


Now a sub-headline to deal with their objections


Straightaway, the logical brain is going to start popping in. They’ve got their emotional brain that's like, ‘Oh, I really want this, this is really good.’ And the logical brain is like, ‘Oh, no we don't need that, do we really want to get on another email list?“’


So you want to start to overcome the objections the logical brain is going to throw up. It's going to be saying things like, ‘Oh, but it won’t work for me because of this, or that…’ or whatever it can come up with as a valid reason to not go ahead. 


And this is where your research comes in. Whatever are the main objections that they have to working with you, you want to start to address them in a sub-headline. 


So for instance, I often say ‘This works in any niche and even if you're new to online marketing’, because people say, ‘Oh, it won't work for me, because I'm this, or because, I'm that, or I've just started.’ I've dealt with two objections really quickly with that subheadline.


Now, you want to tease them with the benefits that they're going to get from your lead magnet. You don't give them the features, you just want to tease them with the benefits. 


I was working with a really good copywriter and when he looked at my opt-in page and why it wasn't converting, he said, ‘That's not going to work because you're just telling them what they're actually going to get.’ And their logical brain kicks in, “Oh no, we already know that. We already know that, and that won't work for us. Oh yes, and we’ve tried that before.” Even though what you're offering might be totally different to anything they have tried before. 


You want to tease them. You want to lift that skirt to give them information on what they're going to get without actually talking about the features. You want to talk about the benefits. And the benefits of the benefits as well.


You also want to have some really sexy hot graphics that are going to make them want what it is. You're going to create a graphic for your lead magnet that is going to make it look really desirable. 


Okay, so that's how to make sure that your landing page does not suck. 


Now the third tip for getting leads is that if you're not getting them is that you're not driving traffic to the lead magnet


That's as simple as that. 


If you create a lead magnet and you stand back and you say I have created it now, they will come and of course, it's not going to happen. 


That movie with the baseball field, Field of Dreams,  it just does not work in real life. You can create the most desirable, the best lead magnet in the world but unless you're actually driving traffic to that landing page for people to get it, then no one is going to download it. 


So you have to be on social media.


You have to be doing Facebook Lives where you offer it. You need to be posting about it. Whether or not you're on LinkedIn or Facebook or running Pinterest tags for it. Instagram. You want to be using your pinned posts to lead people to it. You want to be creating graphics that make people want to go and look at it. You want to be doing pins on Pinterest and talking about them in your YouTube videos.


Whatever social media platforms you're using, it should be leading back to your lead magnets. And once you have got these people on your list, once you have got their email, then you need to be showing up in front of them as that person that can help them so that you can start to convert them into your business. 


So this is really what having an online business is about. It's about showing people that you can help them. Building a list. Showing up in front of them on social media organically and on email. Starting to build that know, like and trust with people, that rapport that is going to allow them to want to work with you. 


Okay, so if you are sick of struggling how to get leads within your business, if you don't know how to create a lead magnet, how to create a funnel to go with it, how to do any of that stuff I just talked about, how to do research, then I have just released my new course, The Simple Lead Generation Funnel, and it's going to take you through all of that.


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