Just in Time Learning–

For a long, long time I was obsessed by learning. I would read anything I could get my hands on, and do every course I came across.

Self-development books…

Business books…

Marketing books…

I was consumed by the need to know as much as possible…

To know everything I could…

And to have the perfect strategy sorted out BEFORE I implemented any of it.

YOU know Alice and those rabbit holes?

Well, that was me.

Because one book will always lead to the next…

Which leads to a course…

Which leads to another book…

Anyway you get the drift.


I was caught up in a never-ending cycle of learning, and yet, I was going nowhere fast.


Hell, I wasn't even interesting to sit next to at a dinner part cause nobody had the slightest inkling of what I was talking on about. :-)))))

All those books, all those courses, and no business in sight.

Something had to give, and it wasn't going to be my dreams, which meant I had to change something I was doing.

SO I had a good long hard think about why I was obsessed by learning so much and I realised a couple of things:

  1. I was reading that much because that was what I was being told to do by some of the big names in the marketing game…

And yet they were at a very different stage in their business than I was.

They already had massive 8 figure businesses, and were at a different growth stage.

Their job now as to become the best leader, the best CEO that they could for their business.


  1. I enjoyed the idea of learning that much because it gave me the excuse for why I wasn't implementing anything.

There was always ONE MORE BOOK TO READ, ONE MORE COURSE TO DO, before I had to start.

  1. I was caught in perfection mode, and feeding that by learning. Every time I finished a book or a course, I felt like I was one step closer to having that perfect knowledge that I NEEDED before I started.
  2. I was scared of being ridiculed and learning more was the perfect excuse for not having to take action.

SO instead of consuming courses, which I didn't implement, I decided to implement a strategy called Just In Time Learning.


All I had to know HOW to do was the very next thing that I HAD to do!!!


Which meant I was implementing as I was learning, rather than waiting till I was perfect.

It's like the difference between crossing the stream stepping stone by stepping stone, versus having an engineer draw up a massive bridge and waiting till the builders have finished constructing it before you cross to the other side of the river.

Is the stepping stone bridge I create what I'll be using in my business 5 years from now? Probably not.

I'll have added to it and strengthened it and made it more complex, but I'll have done that through necessity and by being able to test and tweak things, which I can never do if I am trying to build the whole construct before I start.

SO how can you use this in your businesses?

Very simply, start implementing. Start doing those things you know you need to, but have been putting off because YOU JUST WEREN'T READY YET!

The truth is that you will never be ready.

If you are waiting for a time for you to feel perfectly confident before you start building your online business, that time is never going to come.

You got to get in the ring…

Get down and dirty…

Test and tweak…


And you've got to LEARN BY DOING!!!


SO work out what things you have been procrastinating on…

And then go and do them!