Last night, an insect landed on my shirt, and my reflex action was to smack it.

Now, that didn't go to well for that poor, little insect…

It was dead before I even had a chance to process what it was.

Turns out it was just a little bug out for an evening cruise.

One more bug that didn't make it home.

And, while there are plenty more bugs where that came from, I had to stop and think about what it was that made me react the way I did.

I reacted instantly because I thought it was going to sting me.

It was a FEAR-BASED reaction.

Of course, once I realised that, I had to stop and reflect on my whole life.

I mean where else might I be using a fear-based reaction?

Turns out that I have spent my life constantly fighting against my urge to react to fear.

Fear of being laughed at and ridiculed.

Fear of failure.

Fear of wasting more money.

Fear of putting on weight.

Fear of being controlled.

Fear of being alone.

Fear of not being in control.

Fear of not being good enough.

In the past, a lot of my mental energy has been used up trying to create a status quo that has me not reacting to these fears.

Now, I am pleased to say that this is not as bad as it once was…

Because I have spent a lot of time working on myself to uncover the events in my life that pre-programmed me to respond to fear.

It was those events that created a belief system that had me reacting rather than choosing.

Now, I am able to identify when these little blips occur, and to dissolve the underlying fear that created them, so that I can do what it is that I need to, to have a life that I choose and love.

And, it is just one of the many ways that I help my clients to be able to move forwards in their business, and to overcome the obstacles blocking them from the success they deserve.

If you think that your own limiting, self-beliefs might be what is holding you back, then jump on my calendar to have a chat about how I can help you identify and dissolve them.

You deserve to turn your dreams into your reality.

In Your Corner

Donna Joy