When I first started out working as a hypnotherapist, I was adamant that I did not want to work with children. It's not that I don't like them, I just felt that not having had them, I could not understand them.

(Okay – so there might have also have been a few times when the little darlings have tried to bite me while performing dental check-ups. That thought of thing tends to make you wary. 😉 )

And then I realised something…

I was pretty much working with children with every session I did, no matter how old my client.

You see, in hypnotherapy we travel back in time to memories in which something occurred that shaped the way you view the world.

We analyse those memories to see exactly what trauma occurred and what belief was formed as a result of that trauma, and then we work to dissolve any beliefs that are having a negative impact on your life.

The event that occurred is usually not something that as adults we would consider to be traumatic. But as children, just trying to survive in this confusing world, these same events taught us something profound.

These things are what shaped our minds, how we see the world, what we believe about the world, and most importantly perhaps, what we believe about ourselves.

Sometimes these beliefs formed as children are positive. Sometimes they are negative.

It is the negative ones that create real issues.

Anxiety. Stress. Depression. Psycho-somatic disorders. Complacency. The inability to take action on our dreams.


It is the entirety of these belief systems that is what is driving us today. It is the underwritten programming of our mind. It is the lens that causes us to see the world in a particular way, a way that backs up our belief system. And it is what is responsible for our actions, our inactions and our reactions.

All our attempts on a conscious level to override that programming are doomed to failure. We may succeed for a little while, but eventually we will always revert to our foundational belief system.

Pretty powerful stuff, hey.

Anyway, I realised that in each session I was working with the adult to reason with the child. To allow them to see that they no longer needed the outdated belief system. That it no longer served them. To allow them to take back the power that was surrendered in that moment, or to accept what it was that happened.

We worked to allow that child to see that they were safe and powerful, and that they were worthy and loveable.

And I realised that working with our inner child is perhaps the most important work we can do on ourselves. And in fact, if we are to have any chance at all of achieving what it is that we want in life, and of keeping it once we do, then inner child work is imperative.

So how can you do it?

Well, by far the most powerful way that I have found is through analytical hypnotherapy; that is, root-causal hypnotherapy.

Some people freak out at the thought of ‘being hypnotised' but it isn't actually like that. The hypnosis part of it is really just a relaxation technique, almost like a guided meditation, that takes you to a place where you can connect with your unconscious mind.

There you can access things that you can never cognitively reach. Things that you don't remember on a conscious level, but which impacted you profoundly.

When you reach these memories, trapped deep in your unconscious mind, you are able to connect the physiological and emotional echoes of this trauma, with the psychological aspects, and that is when the real magic happens.

That is when shifts occur…

That is when you are able to start seeing things in a different way…

And that is when you are finally able to release those beliefs that have been keeping you stuck so that you can take the action, and reach the energy level that you need, to create the life that you want.

SO, I have two things for you that will help.

The first is a guided meditation that I constructed specifically to help people connect with their inner child and to help them start work on those things that are keeping them stuck.

You can get it here: https://donnajoyusher.com/innerchild

Or in Episode #30 of my podcast: https://donnajoyusher.com/podcast

The second is an opportunity to personally work with me so that you can really start shifting your limiting self-beliefs and start flowing freely towards a life that you love.

You can start that process by booking onto my calendar to have a chat to see how I can help you. https://donnajoyusher.com/success-session

If you decided to start with the meditation, I'd love to hear from you about your experiences, and how it has helped.

Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

In Your Corner

Donna Joy