I have a message for all you online entrepreneurs out there – coaches, consultants, service providers, all you experts that are selling your knowledge. 


First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe during this crazy period of time that's going on at the moment. 


I know it’s scary, and that the future is uncertain, but there is one thing I know for sure…


There has never been a better time to learn how to market yourself online.


If you can market yourself, you create control over your business so that you can generate clients when and as you need them. 


Now, if you can learn how to market yourself online, you don't have to have the stresses that many, many people have at the moment. 


You don't have to worry about losing your job, or being stood down, or just trying to work out where your next client is coming from, because you know exactly how to turn on a lead tap that has people coming to you. 


I know it's frustrating trying to work out how to do it…


I spent six years and over $100,000 trying to work out a system for marketing myself online, and now it's a system that Steph and I are using to market ourselves but also for our clients. 


And I just wanted to say that this system when you turn it on, it can bring people to you automatically. 


So you're not the one in there working. It's your marketing funnel that is doing it for you. 


It's like you clone yourself out. And while you're asleep, you have leads coming to you that you can then later contact and convert into clients. 


We know that we cannot work one-on-one with everybody, and we know that not everybody can afford our services to do that, so what we've done is we've broken down our system into bite-size pieces, and we've built it back together into an online marketing program. 


This is not one of those programs where we just tell you what to do but don't tell you how to do it. 


This is application-deep. It is action-based. 


We give you the templates, we give you the how-to, and then we give you the what-to. And then we also have one-on-one and group coaching in there, so that over a six-month period, you are building out your marketing. 


In all reality, by week 14, you'll already have your marketing funnel built out, and then from then on we are just testing and tweaking and teaching you how to scale and other online business stuff. 


Now, does that sounds like something that would help you in your business; actually knowing exactly what to do step-by-step, week-by-week, building on your knowledge and putting it all together rather than being lost in overwhelm and frustration, and having all these pieces to the puzzle but not knowing how they go together?


If the answer to that was yes, if you like the thought of having a streamlined system that you can follow, follow the link below. It's going to just take you to a page where I talk more about our six-month online marketing membership Boomers. 




Okay, so go check that out, and then you'll have a chance to jump on a call with us if you want more information, or you can just read more about it there. 


Okay, stay safe, everybody, and we will see you very soon.