I had a crazy day yesterday…

I had to get a contract ready for Marketing Wizards, three new funnels I had created were broken and needed to be fixed, I had calls, and on top of that I had to be in a live course from 7.30pm till 2am both Saturday and Sunday.

And on top of all that, my husband wanted me to wash my car so he could take photos to get it valued.

Now, I'm going to be totally honest…

I hate washing my car.

I'll do anything to avoid it at the best of times, but for me yesterday it was a no go zone.

SO I rang the trusty car wash guys and grabbed my laptop so I could get work done while I was there, but when I headed out the front door my husband was washing my car.

Now this immediately ticked me off, cause then I had to spend more time making a phone call and apologising.

But what really got me going was when my husband told me that paying someone else to wash my car was ME BEING LAZY!


Now those of you who know me, know that I am not lazy. In fact, I DO NOT STOP.


The amount of work I have achieved in the last 3 months alone is staggering. I had to totally rebrand from scratch and then rebuild out an entire business model and create it…

And that's not even taking into consideration the work I have done for clients, and also the household chores.

So for him to be calling ME lazy????

Got to be honest. I lost my shit.

Went a little cray cray.

Here's the thing about my husband, he's not at all entrepreneurial. He has a job that pays very well and he's content with that.

He doesn't understand why I do what I do, but more importantly, he doesn't put any value on my time.

He doesn't realise that the $50 it would have cost me to get my car washed, would free me up to finish a sales script, fix a funnel and get a contract done that could then allow me to close nearly five figures into my business in the next week.

He doesn't put value time, instead, he will go out of his way to save money, at the expense of his time.

Now, I used to be like that to…


Until I realised something very important.


You see the me that already exists in the future, she's not doing that…

She learned long ago that her time was better spent on her business, and that any tasks she could farm out would mean she actually had some free time to spend doing things she loves with those she loves.

Which meant, for me to ever become her, to ever have that level of success that she does, I had to start doing what she is doing NOW.

Not once I start to see some success.

Not when I get there.


I need to be the exact same outline of who she is now, to be able to close the gap and step into her.

To become her, I need to think like her and act like her.


Success does not show up the moment it is created.

It is not an indication of current activity.

It is a historical scorecard…


Proof of the hard work, the grit and the determination that went in to get you to the moment when the success actually starts to happen.

You need to hold onto that, and remember it when you think that nothing is working.

You need to know that you have to create the activity and then hold your vibrational energy high enough, for long enough that you will start to see the results.

And you need to know that your time is valuable. It is the currency of your future success.