I want to talk to you about frameworks and why you need them if you want to create a predictable and scalable business online.

Before I discovered what frameworks were, my message to my market was confused, because, to be totally honest, I was confused about exactly how I was going to help people.

Once I realised the power of a framework, within 5 minutes I was able to take what I do and create it into a system and all of a sudden I was crystal clear about how I was going to help people…

…which meant that I was more confident and relaxed within my business.

So what exactly is a framework?

Well, put quite simply, your framework is what is going to get your client the result that they are after.


All business is really about getting a certain result for a client.

Your framework is your unique way of delivering up that result.


For example:

My 6 steps to getting better quality sleep or The 4 step process for shedding 10kg in 4 weeks.

Those are both frameworks.

This is what the 6 steps to getting better quality sleep might look like:

  1. Don’t eat for 4 hours before bed
  2. Make sure you stay well hydrated during the day
  3. Don’t watch any blue light producing devices for 3 hours before lights out, or usual special blue light filtering glasses if you have to
  4. Have a warm, caffeine-free, sleepy time herbal tea an hour before bed
  5. Have a warm shower just before lights out
  6. Got to bed early


Now often your product is contained within the framework, and sometimes it is the framework itself.

(In the example above it might be the blue light filtering glasses that you sell, or perhaps the sleep time tea. It could even be a specific way of eating and drinking that follows the rules set out in the framework.)

My framework, which I’ll show you later, is my entire product.


SO what are the advantages of creating your framework for your business?

  1. It gives your clients absolute certainty on how they are going to solve their problem, and allows you to tell them how you are going to help them do that.
  2. It gives you absolute clarity on exactly how you help your clients. It can be confusing if you haven’t worked out your framework. And if you are confused about exactly what you do and why, then sure as hell your clients are.

Framework removes the mind drama and the fluff surrounding building out your business online, because all of a sudden it is about your framework, and not about you.

  1. Frameworks help you flesh out a congruent value ladder for your business

Frameworks can be contained in a bulletproof cheat sheet, or they can be built out into a book. Because of that, your framework can be used to build out your value ladder within your business.

Your optin can be the cheat sheet detailing the skeleton of the framework. Your upsell off that could be a book with more detail. Then comes the done with you, or group coaching, and after that the done for you or 1:1 coaching.

See how you could take the one framework and build out the ecosystem of your business around it?

  1. Frameworks can be broken down into smaller and smaller frameworks, which gives you plenty of things to talk about in your content creation.


Rules for your Framework:

  1. You must know exactly what the pain and frustration you are going to solve for your avatar is, BEFORE you work out your framework.
  2. Your framework must solve that pain or frustration in a way that makes it necessary for your avatar to use your product or service.
  3. It must show your potential client the logical steps they need to take to solve their problem
  4. You must give your framework a proprietary name


How can you create your own framework?

(My framework for you creating your framework 😉 )

  1. Write down your clients pain or frustration and what their desired destination surrounding this pain is.
  2. Write down your customer’s journey and make sure you are giving them the destination that they want
  3. Work out what exactly you are doing in steps to help solve their problems and get them to that destination
  4. Work out if you and your product and service are one piece of a larger framework, or is it an entire framework within itself. If you are one piece, write down what the larger framework you fit into is.
  5. Break the process down into steps the client takes to get to their desired result.
  6. Give it a name and make it your own


Here’s an example of My Framework to help coaches create the mindset, self-belief, and marketing and sales processes to get to 6 figures.

The Client-Generating Machine

  1. Create necessary social proof
  2. Generate leads
  3. Engage your audience
  4. Move to sales
  5. Hold your vibrational energy high while you repeat steps 1-4


Each of these steps breaks down into other frameworks that I teach, create a course around and talk about to my ideal clients.


Now, if you would like help with this, and more, so that you can create the mindset, self-belief, and marketing and sales processes to get to 6 figures, jump on my calendar for a deep dive session.

I’m currently taking on 1:1 clients at my group coaching price, but this offer won’t last long.

So jump on my calendar now so we can talk about how I can help you build out your business’s framework and start to create your own client-generating machine: