Imagine you are looking at a perfect, snowy-white marble statue…

It's a statue of you, in all your perfection and glory.

Now, imagine that you place a piece of glass between you and that statue.

The glass is dirty and makes the statue a little harder to see…

And there is a crack running down the glass, making the marble look like it has a deep fissure running in it.

Now you take a marking pen, and you draw on that glass…

You scribble over the body – the bits you don't like the look of.

You write a list of the things that you don't think are good enough…

Not smart enough…

Not funny enough…

Not worthy…

And then, when you are finished, you stand back to view your handy work.

Now the perfection of the statue can no longer be seen. It is marred by all the things you think about yourself, believe about yourself….

All the stories you tell about yourself.

Yes. You nod your head. That's better. That's right.

Except…it's not right.

On the other side of that pane of glass, that statue still exists.


You. In all your perfection, in all your glory. You are still there.


If only we could remove all those things that you unconsciously believe…

If only you could see that those things that are stopping you from having success, are just barriers that exist in your own mind.

Limiting self-beliefs formed before you could crawl, or walk, or talk, or go to school.

These are the things that are acting as your true north.

Your compass is off.

But what if there was a way to dissolve these beliefs?

To ferret them out and banish them for good…

So that one by one, you could erase all those things you wrote on the glass, all those imperfections you added…

Until you could just be how you were meant to be…

Capable and willing and able to actually do what you need to to have the life that you dream of?

Would you be brave enough to do it? Or would you prefer to hide in the lies that you tell yourself about you?

I wonder…


Would you be willing to get out of your comfort zone far enough to embrace your true potential?

To walk out of the shadows into the blaze of a full sun?


With great power comes great responsibility…

Are you ready for that responsibility?

Those were the questions I found myself faced with a couple of years ago.

I was frustrated with going around in circles.

Annoyed at myself for not carrying through on my promises to myself…

And despondent at the thought that I just didn't have what it took to make it.

And yet a part of me knew that wasn't true, but I was unable to align my actions with that knowledge.

It was this frustration that led me to search for answers about what was truly going on deep inside my head.

Which led me to finding out about Analytical Hypnotherapy.

You can freak out all you want about the word hypnotherapy, but it doesn't involve actually being hypnotised.

It involves being taken down into the unconscious mind so that you can unearth those memories that led to the creations of the beliefs that are now trapping you.


It's all about root cause of action. How to find the real why, and change it for good.


Not a quick fix for sure…not like Clinical Hypnotherapy which can stop you smoking in an hour…

Those quick fixes are really like band-aids. They might work for the surface stuff, but the deep injuries need more than that to heal.

So I'm wondering…are you brave enough to go deep and unearth those issues that are preventing you from having success?

Are you ready to finally move on and start flowing towards the life that you want…

One filled with happiness, and laughter, and success?

You see, I realised that no matter how much I want my clients to succeed, if their self-beliefs were telling them that they couldn't, even while they desperately wanted to, then we were doomed to failure.

So I've decided to spend the next year training as a hypnotherapist so that I can better work with my clients.

Now, at the moment, all I can do is guided relaxation meditations. I've set up a special calendar for my friends and family to jump on, and I would love to extend this opportunity to you.

If you think that a guided relaxation meditation would be beneficial to you at the moment, please use this link to jump on my calendar. We'll meet on Zoom for about 45 minutes, enough time for me to get to know you a little, and take you through a meditation.

Even these guided meditations can be powerful in helping you in your day to day life.

Here the calendar link:

Looking forward to relaxing you soon. 🙂