I just wanted to share exactly what's been going on in my life. A couple of weeks ago, something big happened. 


So my friend and business partner, Steph, and I decided to part ways. This was done very amicably, and we're still really, really good friends. 


COVID-19 made her rethink what was important to her and where she was going in life. And she realized that marketing was my passion and not hers, and that she had a tribe of different people, different women out there that she wanted to help. 


So, I immediately scurried back to my cave and started a rebrand and I've been using that as an excuse not to do what I should be doing, which is helping people and engaging with people and talking to people about my thoughts and what I'm up to.


But I'm back. 


And I just want to talk about what I've been going through, not in great detail but just the discomfort I've been going through over the last couple of weeks and having a look at that from the outside, so actually sitting there with the discomfort and watching it within myself. 


A lot of us who are in the online space know that discomfort is necessary. It's normal. And we know that we have to let it be there, and we don't have to work through it.


But what I've begun to realize is that not only is it normal, but it's actually absolutely essential. 


Discomfort is essential for our growth and our success. 


And if we stop getting into discomfort, it means that we're not growing, and we're not progressing. 


So discomfort is actually something to be welcomed. 


I was doing a yoga session the other day. At the start of the yoga session, the teacher was talking about a story that she had heard about a butterfly. 


There was a gardener and he was working away and there was this cocoon. The light was shining through the cocoon so he could see a butterfly was in there.


It was fully formed, all crunched up in this cocoon writhing away. It was obviously in pain and discomfort and he felt so sorry for this poor butterfly that he went inside, and he got some shears and he came and he very carefully snipped open the cocoon. 


He watched in dismay as this butterfly fell out, onto the ground where it died. 


The truth was that what that butterfly was going through within that cocoon, was absolutely essential for what it was about to become, a beautiful creature that could fly. 


And by releasing that butterfly from that cocoon early, it did not have the growth needed to become what it needed to be. 


And that is us in our businesses. That is in any facet of life where we want to succeed, but especially in our online businesses. 


So I just want to say that growth, while it may be uncomfortable, should be welcomed, it should be embraced because it means that we're moving forward. 


We shouldn’t scurry away from and avoid the things that make us uncomfortable. Nor come up with excuses for why we don't need to do those things because secretly they're making us uncomfortable. 


We need to work out what we should be doing in our business, and then do it whether or not it makes us uncomfortable. 


Because the truth is, our comfort zones grow. And things that were uncomfortable for us a month ago, are no longer uncomfortable. Things that made us cringe a year ago are now just something that we happily do


So we need to keep pushing the boundaries of that discomfort, and keep getting bigger and bigger and growing and becoming more and more successful. 


We always talk about becoming the person that you need to be to have that success, and that's what it takes…




Lastly, I just want to say that the discomfort never goes away, but it does change. It becomes not so much tolerable, as opposed to something that's just a normal part of life that you just do. 


So, push through your discomfort because what is on the other side of that discomfort is well worth the effort. 


All right, so going forth from here I am back, I'm going to be doing lives, I'm going to be doing all my normal posting and stuff I was doing. But also I'm currently working with a fabulous new mentor, and I'm going to be releasing some mini-courses soon to help you within your businesses. 


So, I'm working on one at the moment that I'm very excited about that's going to help you save time and make you more efficient in your own social media strategies within your business. So look out for that. 


I hope you guys are having a wonderful day, I hope you're staying safe, and I look forward to seeing you in the next article.