Every day I talk to people who want to have success in their online business, and I ask them all the same thing…

Realistically, where do you want your business to be in 12 month's time? How much money do you want to be making?

And they all say the same thing in reply…

Oh, at least $10,000 a month. I want to be earning 6 figures.

Going to shoot from the hip here…

A lot of them are totally delusional to think that they will ever make that sort of money…

By the end of the call, I can tell which of them have a chance and which don't.

So what exactly is the difference between those that may make it and those that won't???

Well, there are 3 main things:


 1. Drive and motivation


This one is pretty obvious, right? 

You're going to need drive and motivation if you are going to create a 6 figure business from scratch within a year, and yet a lot of these people that I am talking to, do not understand exactly HOW MUCH drive and motivation they will need.

A lot of them are working their business maybe 3 hours a week, and then looking me in the face and telling me they know they can be earning $10 000 a month a year from now if they keep doing what they are doing.

Which is total bollocks!!!

I blame the 4 Hour Work Week personally. 😉

All these people running around thinking they can earn 6 figures on only 4 hours work.

Maybe, just maybe, once they have already put all the initial, inertial energy into creating that business, set up precise systems and then outsourced everything, maybe THEN they can do it on 4 hours a week…

But certainly not before that. It just doesn't work that way.

If it did, we would all be zollionaires!!!


2. Are ready to invest in themselves


Oh this one has to be one of my favourites.

You have a call with someone, who has told you emphatically that they know they can get to $50 000 a month with their business if someone will just show them how…

And then when you offer it to for a fraction of that price they say no!!!

They can't see the value in spending the money so that 12 months from now that will have 1000x'd their initial investment.

Some people even tell me they have the money but they want to keep it in the bank cause then they have the security.

I mean how much more security would you have if you knew how to make 6 figures a year online?

And let's look at that return on investment. Leave it in the bank and for sure, you'll have an extra few hundred dollars in a year's time, but compare that to even being able to create $1000 a month and it is a pretty insignificant return.

The people who make it in the online business world know that the most important thing they need to invest in, is them.

If they can finally work out how to put it all together, then they won't ever need to worry about money again.

Full stop.


3. Looking within themselves for the answer


The ones that are going to make it are looking inside themselves for the answer.

They are ready to level up, and learn what they need to know.

They aren't sitting around bleating about how nobody will help them…

They're actively out there looking for answers.

And, perhaps more importantly, they realise that a 6 figure business is not going to get delivered to then in a prettily wrapped box.


They got to get down and dirty, and keep going, keep trying, keep learning, until it finally works.

And they know that it won't be the last piece of information that they consume, or the last strategy that they try, before they make it work that was the one thing they needed, but ALL OF IT!

They needed every single up and down, and learning curve that they went through to shape them and form them and temper them, until they had become the person they needed to be to make it work.

The ones that don't give up, but are prepared to keep jumping through every hoop that they find, well, those are the ones that are going to make it.


Hope you've gotten something out of this,

In your corner,

Donna Joy


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