I’ve started working with a new mentor lately who has really given me a different perspective on a few things. One of which is about creating versus solidifying.

I realise now, that for the last 3-4 years I have been stuck in creation mode. As soon as I finished the current project I was working on, I would be off starting on the next.

I have an impressive number of websites, trainings, optins, funnels, sales pages, and courses that I have created over the years…but even with all that I was getting any sort of traction at all.

And the reason for that is that I was stuck in creation mode, but I never took the time to solidify anything.

SO I would create something, an asset that could make me money, but rather than spend time really testing it, and running traffic to it, and concentrating on that little cog I had created and optimising it, I would just move onto the next; likes some sort of mad scientist, with a lab filled with finished projects that nobody was using.

And then I would wonder why I wasn’t making money…

And I would feel frustrated that I was working so hard, without getting results…

And I would feel like I wasn’t good enough, and that nobody wanted what I had to offer…

When the truth is, that is wasn’t that they didn’t want, but that nobody even knew about it.

Just because you have created it, and put it on the internet, does not mean that people will find it.

SO creation versus solidification, what do I mean when I say that?

Well, within every phase of your business, there is a period of creation and then a period of solidification. Of course, we need both of these things. The problem is that most of us get stuck in one or the other.

So either we are like I was, continually creating and then wondering why other people with far less assets are doing far better than us, or, we haven’t actually created anything that anybody wants, so we have no way of showing up as the person who can help them.

In one we are on a rat wheel, continuously running, in the other, we are just sitting and waiting for people to come.

Instead of either of those two options, the building of your business should resemble a staircase. There is a period of creation, and then a period of solidification, where you test your offer, you run your list to it, you do social media posts to it, and you work within it, testing it and making it as good as possible.

You spend time with it and use it and make it an important part of your business. You don’t discard it like a slightly old toy that you are bored with.

It’s the difference between being a smart business person, creating an asset that can make you money, and an entrepreneur stuck in shiny object syndrome within their own business.

So how does this look for me at the moment?

Well, over the last 4 months, I created 5 new courses. 3 of those don’t even have sales pages. Two of them do, but I always meant to create an upsell from one of those courses to the next, and then to the set of them (they all work together). But I haven’t.

Instead, I created The Conversion Code, a 60-day coaching program. But even then, even while I was creating that, I was already mentally thinking about the next challenge I wanted to create, as if I was only going to run The CCode that once.

Thankfully my new mentor jumped on me at that time, and made me see that The CCode was not a one-shot deal. That it was an offer I could run a few times a year and that I could use to grow my higher-level coaching programs.

Within our business, we need to be smart business people, and not spoilt children always wanting something new.

WE need to create, and then we need to use what we have created, not discard it and move on.

SO have a look back at what you have created over the last few years of your business, and see if there are any discarded treasures lying there that you can dust off and work with. Anything you can repurpose?

And then start staying with those things and working them to the maximum. Once you have done that, you can start to create the next step of your online marketing value ladder.