Today I want to cover a major mistake that you might be making that will seriously decrease your conversion rate of closing people into your business.

When I first started out in the online space I thought that the best way to bring people in would be to give them a taste of what I can do for them by coaching them…

Sound familiar?

And then I got a job as a sales coach for one of the online space's 7 figure earners, and I learned something incredible.


You see, by helping people before they became a client, I was actually DECREASING my chance of converting them into one.


Crazy, right???

Totally counter-intuitive!!!

And yet it is true.

So why is this so???

Well, it turns out that as a race, we humans are shallow.

We will continually look for a quick fix to our problems and our pains.

I mean who wants to go through 6 months of coaching, when they could just take one thing and run with that, right???

And that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS when we coach them BEFORE they become a client.

We give them something to run with…

We give them a sniff of fresh air.

They grasp onto that little bit of help that we have given them, and they make the decision that THAT IS ALL THEY NEED.

That, that will make the difference!!!

And then we never see them again.

SO what then, if we can't actually show them how good we are, is the way to close them into our business???

Well, it's quite simple really…




Then, and only then do we have a chance of bringing them in as a client.

You see, not only are we shallow, we are delusional.


We are very good at squashing down the pain and the frustration and the discomfort under a layer of bravado.


WE make ourselves believe that our current problem is not affecting us too much…

We hide from the pain.

Our job when we are starting to help someone is to bring up that pain and discomfort and frustration and hold it in front of them and say, ‘See. Here it is. This is what you are holding deep down inside. Look at how it is impacting you.'

Then, and only then, are we able to offer up our solution as a balm for their wounds.


When they can see that where they are is actually intolerable, and that they need help to move away from it, that is when we have a good chance of closing them as a client.


SO next time you get someone onto your calendar for a ‘Strategy Session', don't try to stun them with your coaching abilities, instead take the time to help them uncover their pain and see how much they need you.

This small change in the way you think about selling is going to take your business to a whole new level.