Hey there Donna Joy

When I work with my clients, I have a very specific process I use to make sure they are able to bring new clients onboard in a predictable way.


To break it down, here are the 4 pieces of the machine and why they are so important!



Gone are the days where people would sign up to work with you without knowing anything about you.

With so much noise on social media, and so many people competing against each other for attention, people have gotten both more cynical, and savvier. They are doing their due diligence before they even think about talking to someone.

Which means you need to be creating social proof, in the form of social media posting for them to get to know enough about you, and to develop a rapport with you, that will allow them to want to work with you.

You need to start showing up, and keep showing up, for them to trust that you really are the person who can help them.



It's important you be able to generate leads online.

Firstly, you are taking traffic that you don't own, and turning it into traffic that you do…

Which is SOOOOOOOO important for you to be able to protect your business from the social media Gods (who could shut you down at any time for no apparent reason).

Secondly, generating leads and building an email list means that you can choose when you want to put something in front of your prospects.

Sure, maybe your email open rate is low, but at least the email got deliver to their inbox and they have a CHOICE to read it, unlike with social media where your posts only get put in front of a tiny percentage of your followers.

You need to keep showing up in front of your prospects as that leader that can help them. Sometimes it can take weeks, months, even years before somebody's pain gets bad enough for them to act.

Having them as a lead, allows you to keep doing that so that you can be there for them when they finally decide it's time to make a change.



Sorry to say, but if you want to keep getting new clients for your business, you need to keep engaging them.

(Read above re… it can take years for someone to become a client.)

Engaging them, showing up for them, building rapport with them, and continuously helping them in small ways, makes it more likely you will be the one they turn to when they finally decide to get off that nail.



You need a way to sell people into your program.

Now as you will most probably be working 1:1 with them, a sales conversation is the most effective way to do this…


You want to run with the big dogs, you've got to do what they do, and they for sure are not giving out free coaching sessions.

They are using tried and true sales scripts to convert people into their programs. And you need to, too!!!

Now I know that for you, this fourth piece of the CGM is the scariest, which is why I have put together my latest offer…

The CONVERSION CODE – A 60-day group coaching program specifically designed to allow you to implement the same sales system used by all the big players in the online space.

If this sounds like something that would help you start to bring people into your coaching business, let's jump on a call so I can explain the details to you. https://www.donnajoyusher.com/the-conversion-code

In your corner,

Donna Joy