Good morning beautiful people. It's Donna Joy here. Today, I want to talk to you about the PIPELINE of your business. 


Now, you've probably heard people talking about your funnels in your business. But today, I want to look at the overall picture of your business structure, which is more like a pipeline


I want you to imagine that your business is made up of three main pipes, all joined together to make one long pipe. You can imagine these are like the plumbing bringing water to your house. 


I picture these old metal pipes all connected together. And each different section of your business bringing new leads and bringing them to the business is a different piece of pipe. 


And when we look at the health of a business, and when we try and work out why something is working, we work our way along each piece of the pipeline, and we examine that piece of pipe to see if that's where the blockages or the constriction is. 


So you can imagine you can have a nice wide piece of pipe that's doing really well, but if your next piece of pipe in this pipeline of your business is small and narrow, constricting the flow of water or the flow of leads through it, then that's a problem. And that may be where we need to work on to improve that piece of pipe. 


Your business is made up of three main pipes. 


  1. The first is the actual leads coming in pipe. The way of bringing leads into your business. 


  1. The second piece of pipe is the pipe where you convert those leads into sales conversations. Where you take them onto your calendar and start talking to them one on one.


  1. And the final piece of pipe for your business is the actual sales conversation that you have with them which closes them into your business. 


So when you break it down like that, you can see that it is quite simple. 


You bring the people in, they become your audience, you engage them, then get them to a point where they want to talk to you about how you can help them, then they convert onto your Calendar and then it turns into a sales conversation. 


Now, each of these big pieces of pipe is obviously made up of small pipes. We then break that down into little tiny pieces of pipe. 


So for instance, the leads coming in is made up of your lead magnets, your funnels, your opt-in pages, your calls to action to get people to take them, just to name a view.


Then the middle piece of pipe, it's like the tipping point of taking these people from a lead to someone who wants to work with you. So that involves engaging the audience, the email sequences, the calls to action, and creating the social proof that's going to allow them to want to work with you. 


And then finally, the actual sales conversation. So much goes into a good sales conversation. How to do a good sales script, how to carry that out, the philosophy and psychology behind that, or how to create a good sales page that's going to make someone want to buy from you without ever having met you. 


So, I want you to think about the three pieces of pipe in your business and have a look at your business like that and make sure that you have those three pieces of pipe. Because if all you've got is a piece of pipe that's bringing the leads in, and then the piece of the pipe where you have a sales conversation, but you're missing the piece of pipe where you're engaging them and building social proof and giving them calls to action, which is actually converting them onto your calendar, then that might be your problem of why your business is not growing. 


So you can see that's a very basic breakdown. 


As I said, there's much more that goes into each of those pieces of pipe. So each big pipe that I just talked about, it's broken up to little mini pieces of pipe, and each of those can be a problem. I'm not going to go into that much detail today. 


I just want you to think about those three pieces of pipe, analyze your business, analyze the pipeline and see where your constriction is. See where you need to be putting your efforts to improve that pipe. 


And it's looking continually as you improve one piece of pipe, you go back and you look at it again and you find out “okay, now where's my problem? Where is my blockage? Is my opt-in page converting correctly? Am I doing calls to actions? Am I getting out there in front of people? Am I emailing? Are people opening my emails?” These are all different things that we look at one by one when we're improving the flow of our business.


Now, these are all things that I teach in my mentoring program Marketing Wizards. I teach how to create every little piece of this pipeline. So if you want some help putting together this pipeline for your business and all the different parts of this pipeline, then jump on my calendar, let's talk to see if we're a fit to work together, to see if I can help you with where your obstacles are. Maybe I can't and maybe I can point you in the direction of somebody who can. 


So my calendar is


Pop on there now, we're going to have a quick conversation about you and your business. And then if all is good between us, we can book a longer one to talk some more.


Okay, hope you guys are having a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow.