Yesterday I spoke to a client who needed to learn how to build her business on LinkedIn FAST!!!

You see, up till then, she had built on Facebook. Very successfully I might add.

She had a business doing over $100,000 a year and was looking to double that in the next year. 

And then something disastrous had happened…

Her Facebook account had been shut down and she had lost it all.

All that hard work, all those followers, all that organic exposure, all that money…

Gone in the blink of an eye. 

Now I know exactly what you are thinking…

Well, that won't happen to me, cause I'm not going to be stupid enough to break any of their rules. 

But here's the thing about that…

She wasn't breaking any rules!

Nope. Her account was hacked.

She tried to regain control of it by proving her identity but her marriage certificate had a slightly different name to her Facebook account, and BAM, she was denied, and her account closed. 

Going to give you a minute for that to sink in…

Think about it…

She lost her account and her business she had spent years building up, because someone else hacked her account.


And it can happen to anybody!

SO how exactly can you prevent this from happening to you?

Well firstly, make sure your Facebook password is Kryptonite strong. Make it long and complex and full of symbols, numbers and capitals. 

Don't use your pet dog’s name, or your birthday, or something conveniently easy for you to remember.

Get a password manager if you need to, there are some great ones out there with free plans. (I Use Dashlane!)

And secondly, it is imperative that you have a backup plan. Even if you are only wanting to work off one platform YOU NEED TO BE BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST!!!



You need to be collecting emails of people who are interested in what you have to offer, so that if the worst were to occur, and your account is shut down, you can move them all to a different platform.



It's time, my friends, to learn how to create a lead magnet and funnel…

It's time to up-level and start creating a proper online business. 

Now not only is this going to protect you by making sure that YOU OWN YOUR TRAFFIC, but it is going to miraculously start to build your business faster.


You see, when you take the time to understand your audience and to craft something that will answer their pain, and offer it to them in exchange for their email, you actually start to attract people who want what you have to offer.


Win-win for sure.

You get to maintain control over your audience, so it can't be taken away from you, and you get to grow your business faster. 

By now you are starting to think that creating a lead generating funnel might not be such a bad idea except for the one fly in the ointment…

You don't know how to do it.

Well, luckily for you, I recently released my latest course The Simple Lead Generation Funnel which takes you through the exact process of how to craft a lead magnet, and build the funnel to house it. 

You can read more about it here:

In your corner,

Donna Joy