Over the last few months I've taken a couple of hundred coaching calls.

All of these people talk about their goals and their dreams, and how much they want them. They know that to reach their goals would be life changing.

They can imagine what it would be like to have the success they crave and the freedom that comes with it.

They can taste it…

Feel it…

Describe it…

And yet most of them are not doing what needs to be done, to achieve it.

Over the months I've analysed what that is…

What is that thing that is blocking them?

While others are forging ahead and kicking goals, why are these others still stuck at the starting line…

Staring off into the distance where their future awaits them, but not getting any closer to it?

And I think I know the answer.


While their conscious mind is telling them that they can do it, their unconscious mind is telling them that they can not.


Deep down inside they can believe that someone else can do it, but they just don't believe that they can.

It's like they have their foot flat on the accelerator, and the handbrake on tight, all at the same time…

The only thing that is happening is that rubber is burning while those wheels are spinning.

So how can this happen???

How can we want something so badly, and manifest it, and tell ourselves we can do it…

While deep down inside our lack of belief is sabotaging us?

Well, it all comes down to limiting self-beliefs.

You might have heard of them.

You see, we develop beliefs about the world, and about ourselves, and about our friends and families, from a very young age. And it is these beliefs that shape us, that create the lens that we view the world through.

Most of our belief system in place before we are 7 years old. And those beliefs act like the operating system that we run off from then on.

So now here we are, 20 or 20 or even 60 years later, trying to go through life on an operating system that was created by a toddler!

It's no wonder that we just can't seem to accomplish what we want to.

WE have all these beliefs formed to protect us as children, that no longer serve us as adults…

And here's the kicker…



Our brains are our greatest assets, and our greatest enemies!


SO what do limiting self-beliefs look like???

For some people, they are that little voice in their head. The one that tells them they are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not worthy.

For others, it is the thing that causes them to overeat, or over drink, or overspend, or over everything, as they try desperately to make them feel good about themselves.

For others, it is a feeling of overwhelm, or despair, or emptiness, or lack.

Others feel that they are someone not as good as everyone else…almost as if they are broken somehow…

When in fact that total opposite is true.


You see, we are all born totally whole and worthy and perfect just the way we are.


It is our brains that tell us otherwise. It is our brains that look for evidence to back up what they already believe – those beliefs they made when we were just tiny children.

It is our brains that are holding us captive within our own amazing potential.

You are just as capable and able and worthy of achieving whatever you decide you want…

As long as you can get your brain to agree with you.

Now here's the thing…

Realising this about myself and about others has led me to reevaluate how I am going to help others within their businesses.

You see I don't want to teach people how to market and build an online business only to have their brains get in their own way and stop them.

If I am to help them to really truly have the success that they want in their business and in their life, then I need to find a way to help them dissolve those limiting self-beliefs.

So I've started something new…

And I'm going to tell you more about that tomorrow.