I had a coaching call this morning with a lovely man who had been trying to have success within his business for 30 years.

He had zero clients, zero customers, and had spent the last year designing a system that would allow him to grow fast…

And yet he wasn't yet doing anything that would cause that growth.

He was stuck in the process of getting ready to get ready to get ready…

Or as we call it, Perfection Mode.

Sound familiar???

I know when I first started out I used to be crippled by the need for everything to be perfect. I would proofread everything a million times before I released it.

(YES – typo above left for your amusement, but also to show you that nothing disastrous happened because I made a spelling mistake – I'm sure there are plenty more I've missed. 😉 )

I would spend a day planning out a Facebook Live (and then hide for an hour after I had done it – too scared to look at the comments in case people were laughing at me.)

When I published my first book I would be in agony if anybody gave me a bad review, even though for every bad one I got I had hundreds telling me they loved it.

It can be scary putting yourself out there. Terrifying in fact.

But here's the truth…


Your stuff is never going to be perfect, but it is going to get better with time.


Imagine a bird building a nest…

It starts with the big twigs, weaving them together to build a framework.

Then it moves into small sticks, strategically placing them amongst the larger ones to start to fill the gaps.

And then finally it looks for smaller, softer foliage and hair. Things to put the finishing touch on the nest and to make it as comfortable as possible.

Well, that is the same way we need to think about building our business.

We start with the framework. It's clunky and functional but by no means a masterpiece.

Then we move into more details. Starting to fill in the gaps in our marketing. Add more strategies into the mix.

And then finally, when we have a working system, we turn our attention to making it as smooth and as seamless as we can. We start to get better and better at what we do BECAUSE WE ARE DOING IT!!!


If we try to be that good before we start, it just is never going to happen.


So stop procrastinating, and just start doing…

And if you want some help with that doing, well I'm here for you.

Jump on my calendar to have a talk about how I can help you build out your own marketing system so that you finally have control over your business and your future: https://donnajoyusher.com/deep-dive