Last week a huge tree fell over at our park. We've had a heap of rain and some huge winds came through and this thing was just ripped out of the ground and thrown into the river.

The trunk of it was big enough but its root system was enormous.

It must have taken decades to get that big, it's root system expanding to support the tree emerging from the ground.

And it occurred to me that this is exactly what our online businesses are like.


When we first start out, we are like a sapling. Small, weak, underdeveloped.


At that point, we can be easily derailed. The slightest thing could kill our budding business.

Fear of rejection. Shiny object syndrome. Being stuck in perfection mode. 

The inability to work out how to market ourselves and to build our tribe.

These are all things that can stop us from growing. 

But as we continue to learn, to try new things, to work out how to get ourselves out there, how to close a sale…

Well, our roots start to grow. And then the sapling gets taller, and stronger, until one day, it is no longer a sapling,,,but a tree.

We need to remember that this is how it works.

We can't expect to be perfect from day one…

A massive tree does not just appear overnight.


It takes time to grow.


And yet, we get so disillusioned and disheartened when we are at the early stages of our business. When we are the sapling.

WE compare ourselves to all those massive trees around us, throwing their shadows over us, and we feel frustrated at our lack of success.

We think about giving up because we are not already a tree.

Do you think the sapling looks at the massive tree growing beside it and get frustrated?

No. Of course not. It is putting all its time and energy into growing.


SO stop comparing yourself to others who appear to be more successful than you.


They've been at it for longer. They've already developed their systems. They've already grown a following.

Not it's time for you to do it too.


In your corner,

Donna Joy


P.S. Want help working out exactly how to grow your root structure??? Let's talk to see how I can help.