Firstly, I was stuck in getting ready mode…

You know that one? The one where we are always getting ready to launch our brilliance on the world…

But we are never quite brilliant enough!

And so we keep learning, and keep doing, and all the time we are wondering why NOBODY IS ASKING FOR OUR HELP, not realising that we may as well be hiding in a cave…

Because nobody actually knows how we can help them!

And for me part of that came from fear, and part of it from not knowing what to do…

And another part was well…just hating the thought of having to spend all day on social media.

I'm more the hang-out-on-my-computer-creating-brilliant-sales-funnels kid of gal.

I'm a geek, what can I say. 😉

But the truth is, that if we are not out there talking about what we are doing, we may as well give up now.

Because unless we are showing up in the world as that person who has the answer, then we aren't going to get the attention we need.

And no attention, means no clients, which means no income, which means no fun. 🙁

And yes, you can get some traction by running ads to your stuff…

But that's an expensive way to do it…

Especially if you are not backing it up with social proof.

The majority of people are going to do their research before they invest any real money into a course or a program, and if you are not slathered all over social media, then they will invest in someone who has built that bubble of social proof.

Which means you need to be posting on social media every day.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube…

The more places you have yourself, the more confident people are going to feel about investing in you.


You see the biggest barrier to change that most people have is that they let their own minds talk them out of things.


Their mind wants to stay in that comfort zone, it doesn't want to get out of the cave…

Bad things happen outside the cave. 😉

And so it will seize on any opportunity to talk them out of doing something that is going to rock the boat.


It assumes that the pain they are going to go through to get to the other side is going to be worse than that pain of being stuck where they are.


And you not having social proof becomes a huge reason for why they shouldn't trust you to be the person that can help them.

So…where does that leave us?

Well, whether we like it or not, if we want to have an online business, we need to be using social media to grow.

It is that necessary evil that we love to hate.

I know I did…

I hated ‘wasting' hours on social media, trying to come up with things to talk about, things to share, things to post.

I just wanted to get on with the creating part. I didn't want to also have to be selling my wares.


Imagine a master jeweller that never puts their creations out on display for sale and you'll get the idea of how well that works.


One day I realised that the reason I was stuck at ground zero was because while I had all these skills that could help people, they couldn't possibly know that BECAUSE I WASN'T TELLING ANYBODY ABOUT IT.


It was like a one person Chinese whisper.


That was the day I sat down and worked out the Social Media Strategy I am using today.

A simple system that allows me to take one piece of content and create an entire week's worth of posts from it…

And now I want to share it with you because I know that if I hate spending all my time drowning in social media then there will be some of you that do to.

So if you are sick of trying to come up with new posting ideas, and you are ready to take control of your social media once and for all…

Then please, do yourself a favor and go check out my Simple Social Media Strategy now!!!


It is going to take the pain out of posting and actually make it fun.

In your corner,

Donna Joy