Do you sometimes feel like no matter what you do, it's just not working? Are you starting to wonder if you are doomed to never succeed? Do you feel like the universe had taken a personal interest in preventing you from having the breakthrough that you are desperately working towards?

I know exactly how that feels, you see I struggled for years in my attempt to create an online business. Toing-and-froing, always at the starting line, recreating myself and my business over and over again...

Always thinking I didn't know enough, wasn't good enough, wasn't perfect enough, or just wasn't doing the right thing.

I was stuck in an oscillating pattern of a problem-solving identity and it wasn't until I was able to shift that; to realise I was already enough, and to be able to become a creator, NOT a problem solver, that I was finally able to break free.

We are taught to believe that it has to be hard, that there is always a struggle involved, and that it is the journey that is important. But the truth is that you are already enough. You just need to be able to remove your resistance to having it all now, to be able to start flowing freely towards it.

Once I realised that, and worked not on fixing myself, but on removing my resistance, I was able to start creating what it was that I wanted in my life. Within the space of a year, I had left a very long-term relationship that no longer served me, bought my own dream home, quit my job as a dentist, and moved entirely into the online space.

Now, I help others to become the predominant creators of their lives, to embrace their true purpose and potential, and to create a life they love.

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