I've been trying to find financial freedom for as long as I can remember. As a small child I chose to get my pocket money deposited twice yearly into my term deposit bank account. I used to hand paint shirts, and make floral hat wreaths, and sell them with my sister at markets and fairs. 

I chose to go to Uni and become a dentist because I knew it would provide me with a substantial income. And it did. The problem was that if I didn't have my hands in someone's mouth, I didn't get paid. Plus, I quickly developed back and neck pain, which meant my days off were often spent with heat packs wrapped around my neck while I waited for the Nurofen to kick in.

I remember the day I decided I had to buy my own dental practice if I was to get ahead. Those early days were so exciting. The rush of being the boss, of making the decisions, of being in control.


What I didn't love was the stress that came hand-in-hand with being the boss. And the fact that if I wasn't working, the business produced no income. Or that after I finished with the patients for the day, I had to deal with the admin, and general day-to-day running of the business. Plus, now I was earning less money than I was when I was working for somebody else, and taking less time off.

I learned a lot though.

I learned that overheads equaled stress.

Rent, wages, electricity, superannuation, marketing...

...those were the things that kept me up at night, with my heart beating fast and panic clawing at my belly.

And there was so much to do, and so much to learn, but I didn't have the time or energy to train my staff to implement the necessary changes to set me free.

And I didn't have the money or knowledge to employ the services of the right people to help me.

Not that I didn't try...

I threw good money after bad in my attempts to seek professional help, and at the end of all of it, I was exactly where I had been - stressed, emotionally exhausted, and disillusioned.

'I need a business with no overheads,' I thought. 'I need an online business. And I need one that I can automate. That will make me money even while I am sleeping.'

That 'Ah hah' moment turned me into an online business person.

I decided to ride the early Amazon wave...

Writing and publishing 10 books.

I won awards, got a couple of audible publishing contracts and even had times when my books were in the top 100 on Amazon, but all it took was one algorithm change on Amazon to strip my monthly income away. 

I realised I was going to have to learn to market myself.

I read every book I could get my hands on, bought every course...and acquired a whole new set of skills.

I learned how to create funnels, and sales pages, and how to build an email list. I mastered copywriting, and tech skills, and lead generation.

I studied under mentors, and did masterminds, and spent over 6 figures on my online marketing education so that I could become one of the best in the industry.

I learned how to put all the pieces of the online marketing jigsaw puzzle together  so that I could create a Client-Generating Machine...

And then I started teaching it to others.

Having an online business is not easy, and many who start, stop before they find success.

There is a steep learning curve involved, and I know from personal experience that having someone point you in the right direction can shave years off that learning curve.

So how can I help you?

Well, I have some courses, articles, and free training for you . PLUS, I've got training videos showing you how to use all the tools I am currently using in my own business - under TOOLS in the menu.

PLUS...and far more importantly...I have opened up my calendar to give you a Deep Dive session

What happens in a Deep Dive?

Well, it's a chance for me to talk to you about your business goals and your personal dreams and then to address what is currently slowing you down, standing in your way, or stopping you from reaching those goals and dreams.

After we ascertain that, we can work out what is the best path for you to take in your business to get you to those goals.

The goal of the Deep Dive is to give you clarity on what is blocking you from the success you desire.

If this sounds good to you, click the button below to book your Deep Dive session now.